MBL-30 Military Loader


MBL-30 is designed to handle a variety of stores, such as weapons, ammunition, rockets, pylons, or fuel tanks during military aircraft loading operations. It is a self-propelled vehicle with a low, heavy-duty frame supported by six small, high capacity wheels. It uses a unique and adjustable “all wheel steering” system, which enables it to change wheelbase and front track configuration whilst fully loaded. The rear axle can also be adjusted to give greater ground clearance and features a “stability” alerting system.
MBL-30 comprises two principal functional components: the lifting mechanism with a lift boom which can orientate stores to the aircraft weapons stations in all 3 axes; and a manipulating head. The manipulating head is located at the upper end of the lift boom and is capable of limited but precise lateral, longitudinal, tilt and yaw articulation by the operator. MBL-30 is air-transportable and can self-load into battlefield (C-27J and C-295), medium (C130) and large (A400M, C-17 and IL-72) military airlift aircraft.
MBL-30 is a combat-proven, rugged weapons loader perfectly designed for rapid deployment and operations in austere field conditions.