PFA-50 Military Loader/Transporter


The PFA-50 is a self-propelled versatile military loader/transporter that can service a variety of both military and commercial aircraft, including the C130, C17, C5, IL76, A400M, B-747, A330 MRTT, KC-390, KC-135 and DC-10/MD11. By a system of incremental speed, the PFA-50 allows a highly controlled approach to the aircraft door.

For easy and fast deployment, the PFA-50 is air transportable and easily self-loadable into A400M, C17 or C5 aircraft (KC-390 to be confirmed). And optional, the PFA-50 is self-loadable into the C-130.

The PFA-50 can transport its load at speeds up to 12 mph and lift from 38 inches (960mm) up to 19 feet (5.8m) a maximum payload of 50,000 lbs, in any combination of military pallets (463L – 88″ x 108″) or rolling stock.

The PFA-50 deck has pitch, roll, yaw and side-shift adjustments for quick and efficient interface with the aircraft, and employs a powered conveyor system to move cargo.

The innovative, simple and rugged design of the PFA-50, offering high ground clearance, light weight and easy maintenance, is perfectly adapted to the worst military field conditions and rapid reaction deployment.