Ground Support Equipment - Hydrant Carts


Hydrant Carts

  • Hydrant carts for aircraft refuelling.
  • 2-axle unit
  • For JET FUEL only.
  • Stationary air side unit with tow bar, can be moved by electric mover or towed by a car.
  • Electrically powered through solar panels and battery pack.
  • No fuel pump, operates like a hydrant dispenser.
  • Fuel pressure from the hydrant system is stored and used as control pressure.
  • Various flow rates 200 – 1200 l/min through DN50 reel hose.
  • Various meter options (Alfons Haar, Liquid Controls, SATAM, ISOIL, …)
  • Various filtration options (Faudi Aviation, Parker-Velcon, Facet Filtration Group)
  • 3400 mm x 2600 mm x 1650 mm (LxWxH)