Military Aircraft Refuellers


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Stokota military aircraft refuellers

  • Rigid: Capacity between 5000 and 25000 litres (net capacity)
  • Semi-trailer: Capacity between 30000 and 85000 litres (net capacity)
  • 2-, 3- or 4-axle chassis. Depending on execution. Any commercial chassis brand.
  • For JET FUEL or AVGAS. Other fuel type and additives on request.
  • Air-side only or both air- and road-side, depending on tank capacity.
  • Option: Off-road execution, additivation, upgraded EMC resistance, …
  • Various meter options (Alfons Haar, Liquid Controls, SATAM, ISOIL, …)
  • Various military filtration options (Faudi Aviation, Parker-Velcon, Facet Filtration Group)
  • Lift platform with one or two deck hoses, riser hose or deck pantograph.
  • Standard height (3,30m) or low-profile (2,80m)
  • Additional fucntionalities conform STANAG standards.

Stokota quality standards
Stokota offers a complete portfolio of aircraft refuellers, hydrant carts, Pit cleaners/flushers and GSE. All units are compliant with EN1915, EN12312-5 and JIG and can be made for AIR SIDE or supplementary for ROAD SIDE.
Stokota designs and manufactures all tanks in-house from aluminium, stainless steel or carbon steel plate to fully equipped tanks. These tanks are automatically welded and tested through radiographic checks on the welded joints.
Afterwards they are pressure tested, capacity measurement test, safe loading and brake tests according ADR standard. The majority of the refuelling equipment from frame work to electrical, pneumatics and hydraulics are engineered and built in-house.

Ready or tailor-made solutions
Stokota offers a wide variaty of “standard” executions with a basic installation which covers your every day needs when it comes to into-plane fuelling.
In need of additional functionalities? All vehicles and equipment can be fully configured to your needs to create a bespoke vehicle.

Technical support
Every equipment is thoroughly tested and set in our own production facilities. On-site commissioning is included.
Service, maintenance, on-site support and technical documentation, the Stokota service team is stand-by!