Pushback and Maintenance Wireless Communication Solutions


We have developed a variety of pushback solutions for the Ground Handling industry.

Our systems are known as our Minerva product range and are available for 2 and multiple user options.

The wireless concept allows for the users to plug into the aircraft jack to remain in communication with the flight deck during operations.

There are various headset options available depending on the operation. We have a headset option with a momentary microphone (push to talk option), a mic shield option to allow for reduction of background noise and a voice activated solution.

As well as this, Tug Drivers have the ability to use a tug intercom system that will remain in communication with the operating team, including the Flight Deck.

With technology becoming so advanced in the aviation industry we also have a range of solutions available for electronic pushback tugs so that the controller of the tug can be hands-free and remain in communication.

For more information, please do get in touch with us so that we can find the best solution for your operations

  • Wireless range of up to 100m
  • 27dB noise protection
  • 24hour battery life
  • Different mic solutions to allow for push to talk or voice activation
  • Different headset solutions to fit to your operations
  • Tug intercom solutions available
  • Option for multiple users
  • Option for radio interface
  • Untethers the user, no cables or leads to interfere
  • Freedom of movement and safety across the airfield is enhanced
  • Reliable and robust