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  • Air Tech Innovations Limited

    Air Cargo Handling Equipment Design, Installation, Integration, Maintenance and Refurbishment

    Air Tech Innovations are leading experts in air cargo handling system design, installation, integration, maintenance and refurbishment. Specialising in manufacturing and installation of large materials handling equipment projects within cargo and airside sectors. Air Tech Innovations …


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  • Air Cargo Handling Systems Maintenance

    Advanced Logistic Systems offers maintenance and after sales support for all types of air cargo handling, Automated and mechanized Warehouses and Car Parking Systems equipment. We provide 24/7 remote and onsite access and hotline support.
  • Interface Barrier

    Protecting the investment made in cargo handling equipment is essential. Interface barriers are installed at transfer points to protect equipment from heavy handling machinery. Rollers are fitted to ensure cargo is supported during transfer.
  • System Level 508 Powered – Transfer Vehicle & Elevating Transfer Vehicle

    System Level 508 Powered – Transfer Vehicle & Elevating Transfer Vehicle The TV is an automatic/semi-automatic/manual operated type vehicle designed and designed to receive, hold and transfer ULD pallets and containers along the length of track …
  • Slave Pallet System – Slave Pallet Roller Deck

    Slave Pallet System – Slave Pallet Roller Deck The SACO Slave Pallet System is a safe and cost effective system for flexible handling of air cargo pallets and containers (ULD’s) in the warehouse or cargo terminal. By …
  • Dolly Dock

    Dolly docks are designed to transfer aircraft cargo from airside dollies into a cargo handling system and vice versa. Dollies suffer from wear and tear, this often reduces their height. Dolly docks provide hydraulic height …
  • Lowerable Trailer PT35

    The lowerable trailer PT35 has a vehicle gross weight of 3500kg. The payload depends on the size of the PT35. Maximal payload of 2700kg. The loading floor drops completely on the ground. Simple control - maximal comfort: …
  • Castor Decks

    Introducing our Castor Decks, the pinnacle of efficiency and versatility in the world of cargo handling. These decks are engineered with precision and durability to meet the rigorous demands of the aviation, shipping, and logistics …
  • Slave Pallet

    Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these pallets are designed to streamline the loading and unloading process of Unit Load Devices (ULDs) with unparalleled ease. Constructed with high-quality materials, our Slave Pallets boast robustness and …
  • JCT-60 Baggage Tractor

    The JCT-60 are heavy duty tow tractors (6 tons GVW) for cargo handling, pushback and demanding industrial application with ergonomically designed driver station for long distance towing. The JCT-60 tractors offer a drawbar pull of …
  • System Level 508 Powered – Build-Up Break-Down Workstation

    System Level 508 Powered – Build-Up Break-Down Workstation Build-Up Break-Down Workstation (BUBD) Workstation for building-up and breaking-down 10 ft (also available in 20ft) main deck pallets. Safe Working Load: 7,000 kg The workstation consists of a hydraulic operated scissor …
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