System Level 508 Powered – Build-Up Break-Down Workstation


System Level 508 Powered – Build-Up Break-Down Workstation

Build-Up Break-Down Workstation (BUBD)
Workstation for building-up and breaking-down 10 ft (also available in 20ft) main deck pallets.

Safe Working Load: 7,000 kg

The workstation consists of a hydraulic operated scissor lift with a roller deck to be installed in a concrete pit. The workstation operates at variable heights between 508 mm above floor level and 1,500 mm below floor level.

Hydraulic Scissor Lift

The hydraulic operated scissor lift consists of a steel support frame for floor mounting and a top frame for support of the roller deck.

The lifting and lowering functions are affected by means of a heavy duty scissor structu­re in combination with two hydraulic cylinders. For inspection or maintenance purposes, solid safety supports (props) are installed on both sides in the scissor lift.

The scissor lift is powered by a Hydraulic Power Pack (HPP) including a pump, oil tank and control valves. Connection is by means of flexible hoses with rupture valves. The pump used is of the low noise type to reduce the noise emission to an absolute minimum (< 70 dB(A) ).

The workstation is installed in a concrete pit in which the HPP is also placed.

A side extension of the pit is protected by a heavy steel plate cover including a manhole. A ladder is provided for access to the lift and HPP for inspection, maintenance or repair.

The workstation is equipped with steel side‑skirts for operator safety.
Low profile steel barriers are provided around the roller deck area to protect the workstation against possible impact caused by mobile material handling equipment.

Operator Control Box
The control box with push buttons, signal lamps and emergency stop button for the operator is to be fitted at a suitable location near the workstation.

Central Electrical Cabinet

The electrical cabinet with the required interlocking and switch gear for the motors is to be installed in the foundation pit.

Roller Deck
We refer to the separate data sheet for a detailed description of the roller deck.

Weighing System
The workstation will be fitted with an integrated weighing system equipped with:

  • 4 heavy duty stainless steel load cells, beam type, 50 kN capacity
  • Junction box and weight indicator for display of tare, net, and gross weights.
  • Weighing capacity 8,000 kg with 5 kg divisions.

The weighing system will be pre-tested in our factory and is to be calibrated and verified at site after installation.

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  • Operating height: 508 mm