System Level 508 Manual – Castor Deck


System Level 508 Manual – Castor Deck

Non-powered modular deck for multi-directional manual conveying and storage of ULD’s. The standard 10ft module has dimensions of L x W:  3315 x 2600 mm, however these can be modified according to the required system lay-out.

The standard 10ft module has a capacity of 6800 kg and a conveying height of 508 mm (20” dolly height).

Castor deck modules consist of a hot-dipped galvanised steel frame with durbar deck plates in which the swivel cargo castors are installed. An average of 14 castors are fitted per square meter.

The inverted swivel cargo castors each include;

  • Low wear and shock resistant nylon 6.6 wheel with 58 mm diameter and 250 kg load capacity,
  • Maintenance free, sealed precision ball bearing for low rolling effort,
  • Plastic sealing cap drains water in an efficient way and prevents corrosion,
  • Integrated bushing/thread guard for efficient sealing,
  • Robust pressed-steel fork, zinc plated and yellow passivated anti-corrosion coating,
  • Precision ball bearing and effective labyrinth-seal for maintenance free swivelling motion,
  • Toe guard protection plates

The units can easily be installed and replaced from the top deck plate.

Castor Deck modules can optionally be supplied with ULD stops, side guides and protection barriers as required for the system lay-out. Adjustable supports are fitted to the decks for floor mounting.

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250 kg load;

Height: 508 mm