System Level 508 Powered – Turn Table


System Level 508 Powered – Turn Table

Turn Table (TT)

The purpose of a Turn Table is to receive ULD’s and, if necessary, to rotate them 90º or 180º and to transfer them to adjacent roller decks.

The rotating upper part of the Turn Table consists of a welded steel structure with adequate cross bracing for strength and rigidity. The axis of the upper turning part is mounted on a central bearing whereas the outer ring is adequately supported by eight adjustable wheel supports.

The Turntable is designed to accommodate a Motor Powered Roller Deck or a Right Angle Deck (RAD). The conveying orientation of the ULD can be changed by incorporating a RAD.

The rotation is effected by a powered friction wheel fitted on a spring loaded cantilever. The drive wheel is directly powered via a geared electro motor with 1.1 kW rating.
A frequency converter guarantees very smooth movements. Basically the table has a fixed zero position from where, with high-precision, a turn of 90º or 180º can be made (in two directions).

For safety reasons and to prevent accumulation of litter, the outer side of the Turn Table will be covered by removable metal skirts. This guarantees a total protection of all elements mounted in or under the turntable.

The working height is fixed at 508 mm.

The Turntable can be equipped with up to four entries/exits with interfacing rollers.

Motor Powered Roller Deck / Right Angle Deck.

We refer to the separate data sheet for a detailed description of the Roller Deck or Right Angle Deck.

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  • Operating height : 508 mm