Dolly Dock


Dolly Dock

Airside Interface for transferring air cargo pallets and containers between airside dollies and fixed roller deck systems.

The dolly docks basically consist of a roller deck and various optional features such as:

  • Heavy Duty Protection Barrier, wedge or roller type
  • Powered Side Shift (± 100 mm left/right) to align with the parked dolly
  • Powered Height Adjustment (±50 mm up/down) to align the transfer height with the dolly The actual height may vary from standard 508 mm / 20 inch due to condition of dolly wheels.
  • Scissor Lift (for transferring to/from airside trucks, K-Loaders, etc.)
  • Tilting Platform (to facilitate the transfer with the manual rollers on the dolly’s)
    The hydraulically operated tilting platform will tilt the complete dolly and roller deck to an inclination of approx. 3 degrees to overcome the rolling friction of the dolly rollers.
  • Integrated Weighing System

The deck itself can be supplied in various alternative designs, such as:

  • Manual or Powered Roller Deck
  • Manual Castor or Ball Deck
  • Narrow Edge (WEP) or Wide Edge Presentation (WEP)
  • Turntable (with Right-Angle Deck) or Omni-directional powered deck (JBT – HeliRoll)

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  • Operating height: 508 mm
  • SIDE SHIFT (LEFT/RIGHT): 100 / 100 mm