Truck Dock


Truck Dock

10 ft truck dock for loading and unloading ULD’s in and out of trucks. (We also have a 20ft Truck Dock available)

ULD pallets and containers sizes: 2x 5 ft, 1x 10 ft. Safe Working Load: 7,000 kg

The truck dock consists of a hydraulic operated scissor lift with a 10 ft deck, to be installed at the landside of the cargo terminal. The truck dock operates at variable heights between 508 mm and 1,750 mm above floor level.

Hydraulic Scissor Lift
The hydraulic operated scissor lift consists of a steel support frame for floor mounting and a top frame for support of the roller deck.

The lifting and lowering functions are effected by means of a heavy duty scissor structu­re in combination with two hydraulic cylinders. For inspection or maintenance purposes, solid safety supports (props) are installed on both sides in the scissor lift.

The scissor lift is powered by a Hydraulic Power Pack (HPP) including a pump, oil tank and control valves. The HPP is to be installed adjacent to the truck dock and is connected to the cylinders by means of flexible hoses with rupture valves. The pump used is of the low noise type to reduce the noise emission to an absolute minimum (< 70 dB(A) ).

Side Shift
The truck dock is equipped with a side shift facility to enable accurate aligning of the roller deck with the truck. This facility includes two hydraulic cylinder assemblies, one at the front and one at the rear end of the dock and enables a left/right movement of 100 mm to each side

An operator walkway with handrail is installed to one side of the deck.

Operator Control Box
The control box with push buttons, signal lamps and emergency stop button for the operator is to be fitted on the walkway.

Central Electrical Cabinet
One electrical cabinet with the required switch gear for the pump motor is to be installed adjacent to the truck dock.

Roller Deck
We refer to the separate data sheet for a detailed description of the roller deck.

Heavy Duty Rising Roller Barrier
The front of the truck dock is protected by a self-aligning Heavy Duty Rising Roller Barrier against poss­ible impact damage caused by trucks, loaders, dollies, etc.

A horizontal H-type steel channel is mounted between two vertical H-type columns.
The horizontal channel is lifted by the upper part of the truck dock’s scissor lift construction and is guided between the flanges of both columns.

The horizontal channel is fitted with;

  • Six free running rollers to facilitate the transfer of pallets and containers from the truck to the truck dock or vice versa.
  • A heavy duty rubber bar is fitted against the horizontal channel to reduce impact effects.
  • A folding synthetic skirt with steel inserts to block access to the lift construction placed behind.

Heavy duty anchors with shock absorbers are used to connect the barrier to the floor.

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  • Operating height: 508 mm
  • SIDE SHIFT (LEFT/RIGHT): 100 / 100 mm
    • Scissor lift: Painted, RAL 5002 (blue)
    • Walkway, barrier: Painted, RAL 1007 (yellow)