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Airport Operations Management, Systems Integration and Passenger Processing Solutions

Airports and their passengers are constantly evolving. Airports have an ongoing need to adapt, innovate and envision how to meet the needs of an industry where passenger traffic will grow on average 5 percent per year for decades to come. Collins Aerospace’s ARINC Airports offers a range a services and solutions for modern airports.

With a global presence at more than 170 airports, including half of the 20-highest rated in the world, and a reputation as a master communication network integrator, we understand the flow of an airport is the flow of an industry.

A leading provider of self-serve solutions focussed on airport operational efficiency, optimised passenger facilitation and enhanced security, you can be assured of the highest level of innovation and integration. From self-service bag drop to self-service kiosks we are innovators of seamless solutions to make the airport experience as efficient as possible.

Our passenger processing solutions have been developed to make the most of IT resources and infrastructure to maximise your services. As passenger numbers grow and security requirements changing frequently, airport operators are constantly working to keep lines shorter and passengers moving. With our passenger processing solutions, you can expect to make check-in processes faster for passengers and staff whilst attracting new airlines and routes through reduced service setup costs.

Airport baggage systems can also make significant enhancements to passenger processing and must be seamless, efficient and cost effective. Offsite, curb side, at the counter or at the kiosk – it doesn’t matter how you check-in, Collins Aerospaces’ ARINC baggage solutions lead the way. Baggage management, bag drop and baggage sorting solutions will help you reduce check-in delays and operational peaks, whilst maximising revenue, resources and security.

Our systems integration expertise means we offer robust, flexible and reliable architectures. By creating airport systems that share data and infrastructure, operations become more efficient and cost-effective. With unsurpassed industry experience we reduce the complexities of airport integration to leverage existing investments with the best systems and technologies available and eliminate problems caused by desperate information sources.

Gain greater control of your operations through data analysis and airport operations management. Optimising airport operations and communications allows for greater profitability and ultimately improves passenger processing. Enhanced airport business intelligence allows airlines and airports work to provide a seamless travel experience for the passenger, intertwining their operations to be optimally efficient, cost-effective, safe and customer-friendly.

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Company Profile

  • Passenger Processing, Facilitation and Baggage Management

    Passenger Processing – Our experience and innovation keep people moving

    We design, install and maintain processing solutions configured to be efficient, economical space-savers – fully integrated and easily adaptable to the needs of airport operations. Read more here.

    • Common Use Check-In – Scalable for any size airline or airport, reduces costs by eliminating the need for airport-based passenger IT infrastructure.
    • Self Service Kiosks – Our Self-Serve Solutions will be there to help airports keep people moving efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.
    • Off Site Check-In – Rockwell Collins’ ARINC OnVoySM – remote check-in allows passengers to spend significantly less time at the airport, creating more revenue opportunities for your operations.
    • Self Service Bag Drop – Whether it’s on-site common-use kiosks, dedicated hotel systems, at rental car agencies, convention centers, on cruise ships or over the Internet – travelers are enjoying more self-serve options.

    Passenger Facilitation – Our experience and innovation keep operations flowing

    We drive innovation, developing solutions to make passenger facilitation of all airport travel seamless, enhancing security and making the airport journey as efficient as possible. Read more here.

    • Common Use Identity Management – Our ARINC vMUSE common use passenger processing system (CUPPS) includes plug-ins for any biometric recognition technology to be integrated into the process at check-in, bag drop, kiosks, security points and boarding gates.
    • Automated Border Control – Maintain operational flow in airports and avoid congestion at checkpoints with Rockwell Collins ARINC Automated Border Control (AABC) system.

    Baggage Systems – Rockwell Collins’ ARINC baggage solutions lead the way

    The right baggage handling solutions can make or break the flow of an airport. Check-in offsite, curbside, at the counter or at the kiosk. Our self-tagging and radio-frequency identification (RFID) capabilities allow tracking and reconciliation to be simple and effective. Read more here.

    • Bag management – Rockwell Collins’ ARINC BagMatchTM is the comprehensive solution to your baggage processing challenges.

    Baggage sorting – Providing efficient, cost effective, baggage operations – BagLinkTM. Baggage handling is critical to efficient, cost effective operations.

  • Systems Integration & Cloud Solutions

    Master Systems Integrators

    As master systems integrators for airports we provide the expertise, industry knowledge and comprehensive services to build robust and flexible architectures.

    We specify, install and integrate a full spectrum of airport systems – airside and landside. We ensure the right systems and technologies are implemented, economically leveraging your existing investments and seamlessly integrating the entire airport.

    Our proven systems architecture operates from a common communications backbone – eliminating infrastructural problems caused by disparate sources of information and inoperable networks. Find out more here.

    Rockwell Collins Cloud Technology

    We are also offering a range of scalable, integrated airport cloud IT systems. Using Rockwell Collins cloud technology enables airlines and airports to deploy systems rapidly. With or without dedicated core rooms, services are deployed from the cloud directly to your airport. Regardless of your current IT infrastructure, Rockwell Collins will work with you to implement a solution that is flexible and meets your operational demands for today and the future.

    Our cloud solution is fully scalable from one single workstation to thousands of workstations, all offering the same functionality and levels of support, irrespective of the airport size. We can expand your airport’s capacity for seasonal requirements, provide workstations for off-site check-in and remote support, all with the appropriate application build.

  • Airport Operations Support & Solutions

    From our global voice and data network infrastructure that enables essential communication to data storage solutions for the immense requirements of the industry to the vital displays that deliver real-time flight information, we are always seeking innovation to keep people moving and drive new revenue opportunities industry-wide.

    • Flight Information Display Systems – Rockwell Collins’ ARINC AirVue digital signage solutions deliver the most advanced display technology in highly flexible platforms for any size airport, airport concessionaire, or airport-related business.
    • Airport Database – Data storage, network integration and information management. We focus on providing airports with consolidated, scalable, adaptable solutions – like ARINC Airport Data Base (AirDBTM)- designed to maximise efficiency from curbside to runway.
    • Airport Operations – Maximise scheduling, ease congestion and reduce costs. We designed Rockwell Collins’ ARINC AirPlan to be the tool you need to optimize terminal operations.
    • Turnaround Management – Deliver superb, on-time turnaround results. We understand how important alleviating aircraft congestion is in achieving the highest on-time departure and arrival rates possible – and how it directly correlates into operational profitability.
    • Security – With decades of experience providing proven, comprehensive solutions for the airports industry, Rockwell Collins understands the importance of security in every aspect of operations.

    Read more here.

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