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Access and Control Systems, Automatic Border Control Gates, Anti-Walk Back Systems

Our installations at major airports around the world stand as powerful examples of our capabilities and commitment to developing state-of-the art solutions designed for lasting dependability. With a future-focused approach, dormakaba develops systems that evolve and endure.

At dormakaba we help airports and airlines meet complex challenges posed by access and security control to improve their operating efficiency. We advise clients through every stage of their modernisation or development projects, based on many years of experience and our knowledge of current requirements, airport regulations and standards. We provide professional project consultancy from the word go and guarantee your lasting success as a long‐term partner – all from one provider.

You’ll discover our product lines complement one another to optimise passenger flow through concourses and terminals while maintaining high security standards, a broad spectrum of smart and secure products, solutions, and services to transform the travel experience.​​​​​​​

Our offering includes: Airport entrance, Boarding pass control, Automatic Border Control, Business Lounge Access Self‐Boarding, One‐way corridors, Stylish access and partition systems, Accessibility, Airport Safety,  Restricted area solutions and Service.


Argus HSB-M03 Self Boarding and Boarding Pass Control

Self-Boarding Long boarding times for passengers are one of the main causes of delays at airports. This results not only in inconvenience to passengers but also to security risks and costs running into the millions. Self-Boarding Gates …

Argus Sensor Barriers

Good design can be planned. The new Argus sensor barriers from dormakaba open the way to more freedom in form, color and function. They combine the options of a modern access system in the supervised …

dormakaba compact reader 90 01

The dormakaba registration unit 90 01 has an innovative design in an elegant, high-gloss finish and an eye-catching compact form. It blends discreetly and harmoniously into modern buildings. Together with the control unit, though separately …

Geryon Security Revolving Doors

Geryon security revolving doors secure protected areas of a building against unauthorised entry and offer a variety of options for different levels of security. Scales or a separation sensor can also be used to monitor …

Orthos Personal Interlocks

Orthos electronically monitored security interlocks meet the most exacting security requirements and offer optimum protection for the sensitive areas of a building. The required safety levels are provided individually: from the authorisation of staff access …


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