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Specialist in Airport/Terminal Evacuation & Wheelchairs & Boarding Chair.

Escape Mobility Company has provided high quality airport PRM evacuation solutions, like the Escape-Chair® and Escape-Mattress®, since 1987. Besides we are exclusive dealer for wheelchairs and boarding chairs for the European Airports from the Belgian manufacturer Vermeiren.

Our International Company is located in The Netherlands (Head Office), United Kingdom, and USA. In addition, Escape Mobility Company is represented by a network of distributors worldwide who supply our evacuation products in their own region.

Why Evacuation Products?
In case of a calamity, like fire, smoke alarm, abandoned luggage or gas escape, all people in the Terminal need to be evacuated as safe and quickly as possible. However, in case the elevator cannot or may not be used, using the stairs to leave the building is the only option. In case there are people present that need extra assistance (PRM’s) to leave the building, it is of upmost importance that evacuation equipment is available.

Why a partnership with Vermeiren?
The partnership between these 2 companies resulted in a total new approach of the eu airports. Escape mobility comapny is now your partner for both mobility and evacuation solutions for your airport.
With only the most suitable and comfortable solutions for the prm’s.

ACI Handbook for Airports and PRM
The ACI, Airports Council International, recently issued the new handbook for airports around the world. This manual is mainly aimed at airport operators. It is intended to help airports improve the accessibility of air travel for passengers with disabilities, including people with reduced mobility (PRM`s).

The recommendations in this handbook are designed to effectively help airports with disabilities to design new facilities and improve existing facilities. ACI hopes that the implementation of the recommendations will contribute significantly to the goal of airports without obstacles.

A separate chapter (pages 133-134) is entirely about evacuation and the recommendation of using evacuation aids.

Besides, the 12th edition/May 2018/Amendment 1, of the ECAC DOC30 now demands the availability of evacuation chairs in all EU Airports (ECAC DOC30 Annex 5L-9). The NEB / Civil Aviation will audit this.

Who is at Risk?
People with a disability to use the stairs like knee or leg injuries, elderly people, pregnant women, people with obesity and disabled people. Also people with invisible limitations like heart- or lung problems, mentally disabled, disorientated people and people with a fragile condition need assistance to evacuate quickly in case of an emergency. Remember that only a third of all PRM’s actually ask for assistance.

Our Airport references so far:

Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) Frankfurt (FRA)
Rome Fiumicino (FCO) Brussels Airport (BRU)
Prague (PRG) Copenhagen (CPH)
Sofia (SOF)    Munich (MUC)
Manchester Airport  (MAN)            Stansted Airport (STN)
 Berlin Schönefeld (SXF Malta (MLA)
Bucharest (OTP) Kevlavik (KEF)
Liège (LGG)     Dresden (DRS)
Bergen (BGO) Riga (RIX)
Aeroporto di Puglia (BRI) Clermont Ferrand (CFE)
Cardiff (CWL) Brussels South (CRL)
Antwerp (LEM) Liepaja (LPX)
Weeze (NRN)  Parnü (EPU)
Podgorica (TGD)        Turku (TKU)
Finavia Isavia
Swedavia       Litcargus
Cargolux        Sahco PLC
Gibair Welcome Airport Services
ABM Aviation Viggo BV
Airpro Oy RAM Handling 
Rijeka Airport

Our staff have been trained by experts in PRM handling so that makes us the Specialist in Airport/Terminal evacuation & mobility solutions for PRM handling.

More information about terminal evacuation can be found here.

Company Profile

  • PRM Terminal Evacuation

    Terminal evacuation… not your daily business. It is ours.

    Make sure you are prepared for the evacuation of the terminals including the PRM’s. Not only fire, smoke, bomb alert or left luggage but technical failures as well can cause problems for the evacuation of PRMs.

    An Escape-Chair® is the solution to evacuate PRMs, from your airport terminal to the assembly point, in a seated position down a flight of stairs. Quick and safe.

    It starts with a visit from one of our Airport specialists who will take a tour through the complete Airport (site survey). Recommendations will follow after the complete survey.

    Besides having the equipment present the Airport / ground handler also must take note of the training aspect. Only trained staff are allowed to use any kind of evacuation equipment.

    There are 2 training options:

    1.  Operator training (1,5 hours for 4-6 people)
    2.  Train the Trainer session (4 hours for 4 people).

    More information can be found here

    Training will always be given by an experienced Escape Mobility specialist in Airport / PRM evacuation.

    Another topic is the maintenance of the equipment (servicing):

    Escape Mobility Company offers different service options. From one-off maintenance to a mulit-year maintenance agreement. Everything is possible! Our customer focused teams are always happy to accommodate the the needs of their customers.

    More information can be found here

    The purchase of the equipment, the training cost of the staff and the maintenance costs can all be funded with the use of the PRM fund!

  • Getting PRM’s up and down stair cases inside the terminal

    Getting PRMs UP and DOWN staircases in seated position.

    Escape Mobility Company is an innovative company. We prove this by finding new helpful solutions for evacuation or mobility issues for Airports worldwide. Lately we introduced a narrow version of our Escape-Chair® VOLT (only 40cm wide).

    With this solution the service provider would be able to transport the PRM up and down the terminal staircases in a seated position. The track system provides a smooth, safe and easy climbing / descending of the stair case.

    Advantages system Escape-Chair VOLT (narrow) compared to the older known stair climbers: easier to operate, safer to operate, faster in handling, more comfortable for PRM.

    More information can be found here

  • Training in the Use of Evacuation Equipment

    Escape Mobility Company doesn’t only supply high quality evacuation equipment. We are also able to train airport staff, security staff, service provider staff etc… in the use of evacuation equipment.

    Purchasing the equipment (from the available EU fund) is step one. The next step is making sure trained staff is available. Without trained staff it is impossible to operate evacuation chairs in a safe way.

    Be Prepared for an Evacuation

    As the nominated responsible person, it is your job to ensure that staff are trained in the use of evacuation equipment in the workplace. Not only this but they need to have the confidence to assist a vulnerable colleague in a crisis and to help them evacuate a building, regardless of it being as part of an annual fire drill or if it is a real emergency.

    Don’t put people at risk! Always ensure that training is carried out in their own building, using their own evacuation equipment. As the training is very site specific, there needs to be an assessment of the type of building, as well as its usage. Together with any awareness of staff/public issues that should have been identified or need to be identified.

    Escape Mobility training is site-specific, so your staff are trained to use the evacuation equipment and powered stair climbers in their own building so that you know that it will fit into your own fire evacuation & people moving procedures.

    Training costs can be financed by the use of the EU PRM fund as well.

    More Information can be found here


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Company News

Isavia and RAM Handling invested in PRM wheelchairs from Escape Mobility

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