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Airport/Runway Sweepers for Rubber Removal/Stand Scrubbing/Metal Debris Pick Up

Bucher Municipal is the world’s leading supplier of municipal vehicles for cleaning and clearing work in public and private traffic areas.

The product range includes sweepers, winter maintenance equipment as well as refuse and sewer cleaning vehicles. Bucher Municipal vehicles are designed to provide high cleaning performance, easy operation, low maintenance costs and low environmental impact suitable for all climatic conditions.

We provide a wide range of cleaning and clearing equipment including, High-Speed Runway Sweeper, De-Icing Units, Snow Ploughs and Snow Blowers that allow airports to keep runways and other areas safe and maintain on-time performance for millions of passengers every day.

Clearing the path to a better business
At airports, it is all about safety and continuity of operations. To keep up with the increasing regulations and expectations of passengers, airport management relies on a reliable clearing fleet that enables them to build up resilience against the most severe weather conditions.

To exceed expectations, airports have therefore come to realise that reliable, cost-effective, and intelligent products are needed to defy the most severe weather conditions and to stay ahead of the competition. With a reliable and efficient fleet, airports reduce downtime, optimise efficiency, and use fewer resources for the benefit of the bottom line and the environment. Additionally, safety continues to be a key element in upholding efficient operations in airports around the world.

With a commitment and a passion to always offer better, more efficient, more reliable and sustainable cleaning and clearing solutions, we put better into action. Leveraging on the 200-year-old heritage of Bucher we are driven by our dedication, to support airports worldwide with high-quality products that help raise the bar for efficiency and safety and enable airports to clear the path to profitable and efficient tomorrow.

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Company Profile

  • High-speed Runway Sweeping

    The Bucher MaxPowa V95t aero High-Speed Runway and multitask Airport Sweeper is a vastly specialised, high-speed runway sweeping machine that utilises special V-formation channels directing debris under the primary Suction nozzles for the collection of larger foreign object debris. These primary suction nozzles are followed by a set of full width suction nozzles and a wide sweep brush that pick up the finer debris. This innovative sweeping system allows sweeping speeds of up to 40 km/h. With environmental impact at the forefront of considerations, these sweepers are designed to deliver exceptional performance at low engine rpm, so noise and fuel consumption is kept to a minimum.

  • Specialized Runway Surface Maintenance Solution

    Bucher Municipal offers a complete and specialised product range, designed to keep airports safe and operational by cleaning all service and traffic areas with outstanding sweeping efficiency, so that follow-up damage to equipment and personnel caused by foreign object debris, including loose runway material, rocks, sand and bolts can be prevented.  The Bucher Xpowa aero range impresses with its configurability that allows each united to be customised to meet induvial demand.

    Stand cleaning and degreasing
    The primary function of this unit is the efficient cleaning of oil, grease and fuel spills from aircraft parking stands, that are not only dangerous and slippery when wet but also represent an environmental issue that needs to be taken care of.  The unit is equipped with a front sprayer used to apply a mixture of water and an environmentally friendly and readily biodegradable oil spill remover on the surface so that it can be processed and roughened with the disc brooms simultaneously. The dissolved material is absorbed in the same operation via the suction between the axes in the container. The wide suction over the whole machine width in combination with the high suction power ensures an optimal dirt absorption – even with stubborn dirt.

    Runway rubber removal
    This unit can be configured with detergent and high-pressure water systems that facilitate the cleaning of runway rubber using gentle environmentally friendly solvents. The use of natural based liquids for initially dissolving the carbonised rubber from aircraft tyres on runways is a much gentler solution than the use of extremely high-pressure water which is some cases can damage and even destroy the runway surface. 

    Liquid pick-up (glycol recovery)
    Maintenance, exterior cleaning and refuelling of aircrafts and ground vehicles can lead heavy pollution to the running water. Control of the drainage of these spent fluids can be difficult and is the main cause of pollution in winter. That is why reconditioning glycol efficiently plays an increasingly important role in environmentally friendly operation and is also a major cost factor. The glycol recovery vehicle is equipped with a high suction power between the full width axles and a large-volume dirt hopper for the challenging reception of liquids, enabling Airports to properly handle industrial waste water cause by e.g. aircraft de-icing.

  • Runway Snow Removal and De-Icing

    Bucher Municipal has designed and developed a specific range of machines for winter airport maintenance – long folding arms enable the entire runway to be cleared in a single step, while multi-functional machines feature 3 or 4 tools on a single vehicle, in order to optimise costs and labour.

    The product range includes high quality gritting automatons with band, screw or chain conveyors of different container sizes and also liquid and combination automatons for the most different application areas. Modern control and data transfer systems guarantee high gritting accuracy and help using the gritting material well-directed.

    Each product of the winter range is useful and efficient for the winter maintenance of airport runways. Our products such as the 100% electric spreader  Phoenix Electra, the Polyx and Teplex snow ploughs as well as the Snow Cutter Blower range and the Briner Liquid Sprayer, are designed to maximize efficiency and safety, while minimizing costs and material waste.

  • Airport Drainage Solutions

    Every month the piping system of an airport goes through a lot of pressure where any blockage will result in not only a hygiene issue but could also disrupt its daily operations. Therefore, maintenance of the sewer and drainage is essential to keep this large pipe system running efficiently. The range of sewer cleaning trucks from Bucher Municipal are capable of taking on this challenge regardless of low area or water accessibility.

    Combination Units
    The CityFlex provides the perfect first response vehicle. Available with a two-axel chassis and a 4 m³  tank, this unit is small in size but powerful in operation. The dynamic tank keeps water and sludge separated inside via a movable partition, making it the ideal combination of manoeuvrability and performance on site every time.

    The FlexLine impresses with its flexibility. Available with two, three or four axel chassis with a 6, 10, 12 or 14 m³  tank, this unit is equipped with a movable partition on the tank. The FlexLine is an all-round unit that outperforms on all kinds of tasks such as preventive cleaning, emergency cleaning of mains, septic and collection tanks as well as transport of dangerous goods.

    Recycling units
    For when you need to work longer shifts or there is no water access available nearby, the Recycler series has your back. Available with a 2, 3 or 4 axel chassis with either a 6, 12 or 14 m³ tank and a continuous water recycling system. Jet and recycle as you go. Save water, time and money while you increase production and efficiency.


Bucher MaxPowa V95t aero – High Speed Runway and Multi Task Airport Sweeper

The MaxPowa V95t aero High Speed Runway and Multi Task Airport Sweeper is a specialised high-speed runway sweeper that utilises special V-formation channels directing debris under the primary suction nozzles for the collection of larger …

Bucher XPowa aero – Stand Cleaning

This stand cleaner vehicle from Bucher Municipal is offered in a number of configurations to suit all sizes of airports. The primary function of these machines is the cleaning of spills, also oil and grease …

Bucher XPowa aero – Glycol Recovery

The efficient liquid recovery and load capacity of this machine allows to collect glycol where gate de-icing is carried out. Offloading is fast and trouble-free using the off-load pump and the heated hopper floor. If the …

CityCat V20e

The CityCat V20 provides an unmatched combination of articulated steering and high visibility cab to allow access around the tightest areas. A state-of-the-art Euro 6 diesel engine, three brushes, maximum suction power and an energysaving …

CityCat VR50e

The Bucher CityCat 5006 and CityCat VR50e deliver on performance. They have the appetite of a large truck mounted sweeper, the functionality of a multi-season vehicle and the manoeuvrability and unrivalled operator visibility of a …

Teplex Snow Plough

Innovative, telescopic snow plough, capable of clearing like two snow plough while using just one. Made up of a fixed, joint-free, structure the Teplex can extend on one or two lateral telescopic elements which makes this …

Snow cutter blowers

High performance snow cutter blower suitable for clearing high quantity of snow. The 2 stage clearing system ensure proper performance with any kind of snow as frozen, wet, soft and powdery. The first stage consists of 2 …

Polyx Snow Plough

Monolithic modern snow plough, with HD polyethylene shield and a high yield steel frame. Available in 4 different main body size and width from 1.4 m up to 6.2 m there is a Polyx plough suitable …

Phoenix Electra

Phoenix Electra is the first professional spreader 100% electric and represents our commitment to a sustainable future. The result is revolutionary equipment able to comply with the strictest market requirements, with no compromises on performances, …

Bucher Recycler

Bucher Recycler’s fully automated cleaning process ensures full continuous recycling of the jetting water. Stay on site for longer periods of time by using the water taken from the sewage after being recycled. Experience significant savings by …

Bucher FlexLine

Multipurpose combi sewer cleaner unit Our most sold unit with world-class flexibility. Improve your bottom line while tending to all kinds of tasks such as preventive and emergency cleaning of sewer mains, cleaning of blocked service lines, …

Bucher CityFlex

Easily access otherwise inaccessible urban areas thanks to the small size and weight of the Bucher CityFlex. Suitable for all standard jobs within sewer cleaning, since it has the full flexibility as a larger unit. It …

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