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Airport/Runway Sweepers for Rubber Removal/Stand Scrubbing/Metal Debris Pick Up

A critical requirement for all airports is airside surface cleansing which is why Johnston have worked in partnership with airports worldwide for more than 50 years, engineering solutions which support the aviation industry. The result is an extensive range of equipment specifically designed to resolve the specialised surface cleansing requirements unique to airports.

Johnston airport sweepers are a custom built hybrid version of the popular VT twin engine sweeper, designed for high-speed, high-performance clearance of runways, taxiways and aprons.

With a range of specialist sweeping applications including stand scrubbing, liquid pick-up, rubber removal and high speed runway sweeping, Johnston is the sweeper of choice for many civilian and military airports worldwide.

Company Profile

  • Runway Metal Recovery

    Front mounted on a Johnston V Range, the powerful electronic magnet efficiently collects all metal debris in its path, and in conjunction with the swept width of 3600mm achieved by using the channel brush and dual sweep brushes, safety and productivity are fully maximised.

    Glycol Recovery

    The V Range sweeper effectively deals with Glycol/anti-freeze recovery from ground surface areas. Using a powerful pump and suction nozzles, the system efficiently sucks up surplus liquid laying on stand areas, preventing damage to expensive surfaces and avoiding drainage system contamination. Fortunately once the glycol is collected, this expensive chemical can be re-used.

    Runway Lighting

    Airports must ensure runway lights continually remain bright and visible, and by its nature this task presents difficulties with access and timing. The Johnston V Range runway sweeper has the ideal solution, with a raised brush fitted to the front of the sweeper specifically to clean runway lights, enabling this important task to be carried out efficiently and safely.

  • Mid-Sized Sweepers: CX400

    The CX400 mid-sized sweeper with a 4.1m³ capacity hopper, low emissions and class leading suction, combined with a top speed of 80km/h and a high-dump option that allows tipping into skips and trucks.  The sweeper of choice for sweeping extensive stretches of roadway within an airport environment.

    CN101 – 1m³ Sub-Compact Sweeper

    The CN101 sub-compact, a single seat cab sweeper with narrow dimensions making it ideal for negotiating crowded pedestrian areas and cleaning around street furniture.  Less than 2m in height with a 4-wheel-steer option, the CN101 is the sweeper of choice for confined spaces and crowded places. With a gross vehicle weight less than 2,500kg the CN101 can operate on specialist floor surfaces.

  • Stand Scrubbing

    Adjustable brush pressure systems on the main broom and channel brushes combined with detergent spray bars complete with a measured detergent dispenser, enables the V Range airport sweeper to provide a stand scrubbing function, effectively removing oil, fuel and chemical spills. Using fluid recovery nozzles the detergent mix is then safely recovered from the treated area.

    Sweeping and Dust Suppression

    A swept environment is required around aircraft and has to be achieved with minimal disruption and dust. The Johnston V Range airport sweeper achieves an efficient one-pass sweep collecting debris and trapping dust. Fitted with the latest Johnston dust suppression system, the finest dust particles are lifted and retained in the sweeper hopper. Johnston’s dust suppression system meets EUnited PM10 standards for air quality, by including the micro-dust water spray option; even higher dust control management can be achieved.

    Landside Sweeping

    As a major transport hub 24/7, airports require an expansive network of ancillary services to support the crowds of travellers using the facility.

    Activity is constant and maintaining a clean environment challenging, which is where the varied and extensive range of street sweepers from Johnston Sweepers can help.

  • C201 - 2m Compact Sweeper

    The larger C201 compact sweeper, with 2-seat cab and 4-wheel steer option, is agile and flexible, able to safely negotiate high kerbs and fully at ease working in restrictive areas.

    With an overall height of less than 2 metres, the C201 is able to work freely in busy areas such as multi-level car parks, narrow access roads and pavements.

    The compact dimensions and industrial tyres ensure the C201 can work on expensive specialist paving.


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