Quality Sustainable Drinking Water Dispensers

OASIS are worldwide recognised manufacturers of quality sustainable drinking water dispensers (Bottle Fillers, Drinking Fountains, Mains-Fed Coolers, Bottle Coolers) & Dehumidifiers, since 1910. Our Teams are across 5 continents, with a worldwide network of distributors. OASIS Europe is headquarted in Ireland with a manufacturing facility in Poland while OASIS International is headquartered in Columbus, US.

Sustainable & Safe Contactless Hydration Stations For Your Airport

OASIS offers a variety of contactless bottle fillers and drinking fountains.

Our contactless products promote safe and hygienic spaces by helping to limit high-use contact points that can harbor dangerous pathogens.

At the same time promoting the sustainable use of reusable sports bottles.

Our Green Filter fuels clean drinking water while encouraging sustainability with its biodegradable filter media and reusable body.



VersaFiller P8EBFTY Contactless & Sustainable Hydration Station

VersaFiller P8EBFTY - Contactless, Refrigerated OASIS contactless drinking fountains and bottle fillers are sensor equipped for automatic operation. No need to touch surfaces. Our contactless products promote safe and hygienic spaces by helping to limit high-use contact …

Versacooler P8ACTY Contactless & Sustainable Drinking Fountain

Versacooler P8ACTY - Contactless Refrigerated Versacooler P8ACTY is an Electronically Activated Wall-Mounted Drinking Fountain. Versacooler P8ACTY delivers 60LPH of of 10°C water at 21°C ambient when activated with the downward facing  Electronic (Touch free) infrared sensors. The basin …

AQUA POINTE MW8EBFY Contactless & Sustainable Bottle Filler

AQUA POINTE MW8EBFY - Contactless Refrigerated The OASIS AQUA POINTE MWE8EBFY is a refrigerated Electronic (Touch Free) surface mount bottle filler. Fully Recessed in design and includes electronic sensor for no touch activation and a 30 …

Free Standing PCP10EBFY Contactless & Sustainable Bottle Filler

PCP10EBFY - Electronic (Contactless) OASIS’ CONTACTLESS BOTTLE FILLER has become FREE STANDING. The PCP10EBFY contactless free standing bottle filler uses infrared sensors for an easy, touch-free dispense. Eliminating any concerns of cross-contamination from pathogens and viruses. Providing …

AQUA POINTE PWSMEBFY Contactless & Sustainable Bottle Filler

AQUA POINTE PWSMEBFY - Contactless Non-Refrigerated AQUA POINTE PWSMEBFY is a non-refrigerated Electronic  (Touch Free) bottle filler that delivers ambient water. Key AQUA POINTE bottle filler moulded components shall contain Freshield, which utilises a silver-based antimicrobial compound …

RLF8Y Remote Chiller

OASIS Remote Chillers deliver cold water on-demand. Designed to work under a sink, in remote installations or in a pressure drinking fountain, our water-friendly chillers dispense cold, fresh drinking water how and where you need …

galaxi - green filter

With over 2,100 known toxins potentially present in tap water, water filters are often the last line of defense between the body and these toxins.That’s why OASIS are proud to present our high-output, high performance water …

remedi - green filter

remedi is a new type of water filter media combining the proven benefits of standard pleated filters with a breakthrough in nano-technology to create a unique filter possessing reoval capabilities well beyond the scope of …

POU Installation Kit

Every POU Installation Kit includes the following devices: Non-return valve - prevents water back flow from the cooler into the mains supply Waterblock - cuts off the water supply to the cooler in the case …


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