Advanced Automated Public Announcement System

Phonetica is the market-leading fully Automated Public Address System designed for airports and airlines of any size! The system has been developed using the world’s most advanced patented Text-to-Speech technology.

Headquartered in England with customers on every continent, Phonetica is at the core of some of the world’s most prominent companies – with our equipment being used in many exciting venues.

Phonetica is the solution to use to have a fully Integrated Public Address System, that is also mobile, and is designed to seamlessly interface with all leading PA hardware.

Our team are persistent in their goal of remaining at the forefront of their technological field. For over 30 years, we have been designing, building and installing pioneering software and hardware solutions, focusing on airports and public spaces – with Phonetica becoming the world’s most advanced Automated PA System!

We reinvest over 40% of our profit in Research and Development – which enables us to stay ahead of technological innovation, especially in touch screen controllers, Mobile PA Systems and devices, and multi-lingual Synthetic Speech Systems.

Company Profile

  • Automated Public Address System

    Phonetica is the state-of-the-art Automated Public Address System that your airport needs to stand out from the crowd.

    Phonetica is the market-leading fully Automated Public Address System designed for airports and airlines of any size! The system has been developed using the world’s most advanced patented Text-to-Speech technology.

    Airports throughout the world face a litany of site-wide communication challenges. The ultimate upshot of which are pressing logistics and issues which must be solved in order to ensure safety, deliver site efficiencies and inform personnel. As Automated PA System specialists, we know that these issues can be amplified due to lack of dedicated ground staff.

    Phonetica links to Flight Information Systems, and provides a full audit trail of sent messages and gate calls – ensuring you and your ground staff are fully compliant with correct procedures.

  • A Flexible, Consistent and Integrated PA System

    Meeting your needs – whether it’s a new installation or a system upgrade – Phonetica is available to purchase outright, rent or lease. An out-of-the-box solution that can be completely customised to the most stringent of protocols.

    Providing a system that can be relied upon, without fail, to streamline announcement management – improving safety, and delivering consistent, high quality announcements.

    Management on the go – Phonetica is the Mobile Public Address System that seamlessly spans over desktop, tablet and mobile – moving as your team moves, reducing the need for manning a single immobile desk.

    Phonetica is the staff sergeant that never sleeps – and really comes into its own in emergency situations, where the unexpected emerges and the need for swift and robust action is necessary.

  • Multi-Lingual, Compliant and Secure

    At its heart, Phonetica is formed from a comprehensive library of template messages (or option of free text). Through its intuitive features, the Synthetic Speech System can create announcements quickly, and to the most exacting of standards. The process is completed with the option of a seamless translation to multiple languages (or just accents) – achieved at a simple click of a mouse or tap of a screen.

    We understand that any emerging technology must seamlessly switch up from old to new, which is why we provide a unified interface to integrate with old, new and future PA systems – for seamless airport communications. This singular unified interface will also integrate with Off-site, Tertiary and Ground Transport Interchange PA systems – for which the sky is the literal limit, as Phonetica can work alongside a limitless number of Integrated PA System interfaces and distances.

    As proud suppliers of Automated Public Address Systems and equipment to a number of Military & MOD sites, we understand the rigorous security procedures of different military bases. We’re well versed with protocol and ideally equipped to work on any base in the world.

    Compliancy is integral to Phonetica. Automatically generated (library) safety messages are tailored to your protocols, and are guaranteed in frequency – with exceptional ones such as emergency evacuation procedures that are fast, accurate and audible whatever situation might arise – improving HSSE compliance and keeping personnel throughout the base safely informed.


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