Advanced Automated Public Announcement System

Phonetica is the leading fully Automated Public Address system. The system has been developed using the world’s most advanced patented Text-To-Speech technology. Total Integration with all leading amplifiers, speaker products, and other third party hardware including FIDS, AODB etc.
A mobile solution that can broadcast announcements from any desktop PCs, Android and iOS tablets.

Highly Intelligible, quality, announcements can be generated as Free Text, Template (House Standard) or Voice recorded messages.
Template Messages allow for prefilled variables with integration to AODB and FID systems.

Offering multilingual capabilities, currently hosting 64 Languages with 249 Dialects and Genders.
Phonetica contributes to the everyday operations of both Airports and Airlines as we provide full integration to all other leading operational systems.

Whether you’re installing a new PA system or considering an upgrade, Phonetica is the world’s most advanced solution for consistent, high quality announcements.

Providing an enhanced passenger experience and improved multi-lingual communications alongside Disability Compliance, sending announcements to users smart devices, headphones, hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Being fully mobile, staff can send announcements from the Terminal floor, significantly improving the reputation and relationship between an airport and its passengers.
Phonetica links with flight information systems and provides a full audit trail of sent messages and Gate Calls. The Talking-Gate triggers gate/flight specific broadcasts in local zones at perfect pitch and volume, enabling the boarding process to be entirely automated and fully comply with the type of Aircraft and Airlines procedures.
PA Anywhere enables all announcements sent through Phonetica or only passenger specific and health and safety announcements to be sent to their Mobile devices, headphones, hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Phonetica has built a rich knowledge and expertise of Airport and Airline announcements over 30 years, with systems found in venues across the globe.

Having developed the world’s most advanced (TTS) Technology and voice software, Phonetica is a recognised leader in all aspects of speech technology and provider of Fully Automated Public Address systems for airports and airlines all over the world.

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Company Profile

  • Advance. Automate. Announce.

    Phonetica is the complete solution to reach every passenger across every platform, from any device. Simply and Quickly.

    Removing the complexity of a multi system solution, where numerous platforms need updating. Phonetica can do it all for you.

    Priding ourselves in constant development, ensuring all requirements are met and creating bespoke features for clients is part of the fun for us.

    Whether it be a simple software change to a piece of hardware that you cannot find anywhere else, we develop everything in house, working closely with the client to ensure they love the system as much as we do.

    All of Phonetica’s features and products can run as one seamless solution or clients can pick and choose what works for them as an individual system.

    There are numerous ways an automated PA system can be an invaluable tool when it comes to the ‘new normal’ and complying with Social distancing guidelines throughout the Airport, for the safety of staff and customers alike.

    Phonetica’s offerings can make a huge difference now and moving forward, from removal of Microphones (Cross-contamination between staff), maintaining distancing at key points throughout the Airport.

    Full Automated PA across the whole airport including PA Anywhere’s App for communications meeting Disability compliance, Individual Go speakers for new pop-up zoning and Eagle eye sensors for Temperature monitoring, people counting and cluster management and many more. Phonetica really can deliver a fully customised solution.

  • System Features

    • Full Automation flexibility dependant on requirement
    • Integration to all 3rd party systems and applications
    • Multi-lingual Free Text and Template Library messaging – Over 64 Languages and 249 dialects/genders
    • Mobile message creation – PC, Laptop, Mobile or Tablet (Android & iOS)
    • Comprehensive Message History
    • Complete Scheduling/Repeat capabilities
    • Lockdown – Block calls to zones in lockdown mode
    • Template messages simple creation for Clients, no external aid required.
      Sophisticated but Simple GUI (Graphical User Interface)
    • Bespoke 3D topographic zone selection
      User role specific available content
      Client creation of Voice recorded messages also stored in Template library
    • Patented Priority Message queuing
    • All Hardware designed and developed in house.
    • Compliant to ADA and EU disability regulations
    • And many more….

    See separate products for more individual features


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There are numerous ways an automated PA system can be an invaluable tool when it comes to the ‘new normal’ and complying with Social distancing guidelines throughout the Airport, for the safety of staff and …


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