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Bird dispersal systems for bird strike avoidance.

Experienced provider of airside bird control and bird strike prevention at airports

For more than 30 years, Scarecrow has delivered market-leading solutions in bird control and bird strike prevention to airports across the world.

As an experienced provider of bird dispersal systems for bird strike avoidance, we have built an established network of contacts and technical knowledge relating to wildlife hazard management and airport bird dispersal. We provide cost-effective, efficient bio-acoustic bird control technology that can be integrated with an easy-to-use data logging and analysis software system.

Bio-acoustic technology

Bioacoustics is the combination of biology and acoustics.

Scarecrow’s bird-repeller products use state of the art bio-acoustic technology that is safe and reliable. It helps to remove and discourages birds from returning to airports, providing an essential service for the health and safety of passengers, staff and wildlife alike.

Broadcasting the distress calls of birds in order to deter them from airfields and surrounding areas has proven to be highly successful. We work with global consultants to assist airports with the implementation of bird strike control programs and bird software suiting the specific conditions facing each location.

Scarecrow develops and uses digital technology, including equipment and software, to record, analyse and broadcast the natural sounds of birds for their safe and humane dispersal around the world.

Our bird strike prevention products provide effective airside bird dispersal by emitting high quality recordings of bird distress calls. We work with ornithologists and bird experts to ensure the calls have a natural beginning, are true ‘distress’ calls and not ‘alarm’ calls, and have no interference or background noise. Airport teams can then collect and analyse bird activity data, enabling them to mitigate the risk of future bird strikes.

Software solutions to mitigate risk

In addition to dispersing birds at airports, Scarecrow software solutions provide airport management and operations teams with the tools required to analyse bird activity and make informed action planning decisions to mitigate future risk.

Software development has followed the recommended best practices for aerodrome operators, as laid out by ICAO, and further software enhancements are often undertaken following feedback from long-established airport customers.

Scarecrow’s airport bird control software provides airside teams and operations managers with a high quality, simple to use system, enabling the easy collection of data detailing bird activity and actions taken. This data can be isolated, grouped and displayed on a customisable dashboard so teams can see, process, understand and share exactly what information they need at any time.

A trusted long-term partner

Scarecrow is a trusted and long-standing provider of bird dispersal systems for bird strike avoidance.

It has become a bird strike control partner to many airports all over the world, having built a large network over its many years in the aviation industry. With an upfront one-off price and no hidden costs, Scarecrow’s bird software comes with the option of a market leading six-year warranty, confirming its effectiveness and credibility.

Many major international airports rely on Scarecrow’s bio-acoustics technology as an essential component of wildlife management. Scarecrow systems are developed with airport clients to provide customised and reliable airport bird control solutions.

Scarecrow has an ongoing commitment to staff training and offers refresher courses on how to get the most from the system.


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