Traviation GSE GmbH

Flexible storage for ground support equipment handling trolley systems

The German company Traviation GSE, which specializes in ground support equipment provides field-tested apron trolleys to ensure safe handling of ground support equipment such as chocks, traffic cones and FOD containers at any airport or airfield.

Work safety on the apron is crucial for airports. At the same time, speed, efficiency and practically count in the daily handling of chocks, traffic cones and FOD. Hand-guided trolleys meet exactly these special requirements concerning apron handling.

The hand-guided TRAVIATION apron trolleys are specially designed for the storage of apron equipment. Brackets for chocks, traffic cones, barrier tapes and FOD containers ensure that everything is always close at hand in its place. The simple, waterproof, safe and field-tested handling of the TRAVIATION apron trolleys thus supports safe and fast working on the apron.


Hand-guided apron trolley

Ground support equipment close at hand and safely tucked away. Improve the safety and efficiency of apron handling. The ground support equipment for apron handling finally finds a place on the travi ML hand-guided apron trolley. Chocks, …

Travi 750

Developed for traffic information and event crowd management. Compact sized, solar-powered and managed with traffic Fleet. CROWD MANAGEMENT – FLUENTLY GUIDE TRAFFIC FLOWS AND EVENT CROWDS. DYNAMIC TRAFFIC INFORMATION – DISPLAY CURRENT TRAFFIC INFORMATION ON YOUR VMS-TRAILERS. ENERGY MANAGEMENT …

Augustaflex® + Ferradix® for parking signs / ROBINSON90 + Ferradix® for traffic signs

Annoying and expensive: damaged signs and bollards. The solution: Augustaflex® + Ferradix® Every urban environment has thousands of signs, sign posts and bollards scattered throughout are distributed across a municipal or urban area; their maintenance is a …

Wurzelpfahl ground anchors Less concrete = fewer carbon emissions

The environmentally friendly impact sleeve for affixing park benches, bollards, barrier posts and signs. The Wurzelpfahl ground anchors are environmentally friendly impact sleeves used as isolated footings for affixing barrier posts, signs, and street furniture. The Wurzelpfahl …

Andreas Strips

Portable rumble strips, also called Andreas strips, can be used to alert traffic to upcoming lane closures or road works to prevent collision with signage and barriers.

Wheels and Castors

High-quality castors for heavy loads, designed for airport trolleys and machines, with great mobility and ease of driving.

Disinfection dispensers

Our traviStop dispenser made of stainless steel specially designed for robust use outdoors or in highly frequented areas help to implement important hygiene measures in public spaces. The traviStop disinfection dispenser, specially developed for flexible and …

Traffic Cones

The selected qualities offer a variety of indispensable features for safe and professional use such as: heavy base plate for high stability anti-slip nubs on the bottom stackable without damaging the film cone body made …

Wheel Chocks

Aircraft chocks For all applications and in all sizes, our polyurethane chocks secure aircraft at many national and international airports. TRAVIATION offers a wide selection of helpful and coordinated materials for smooth and safe ground support. Among …

Battery charging container - TRAVI CON MCS

Steel container fully welded, type MCS 8 or MCS 10 The TRAVI MSC containers are perfectly designed to meet the requirements for storing and charging batteries. A fully welded steel tub is integrated into the floor …

Stecamat 861 - Processor controlled charger for lead-acid batteries

Stecamat 861 battery charger is available in dust / jet water protected housing Battery is charged gently / quickly by processor-controlled charging procedures. Highest flexibility in use as well as simple handling backlit display provides quick information about …


Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, our range offers the right beacons for every application area. Beacons as flashing or LED lights provide excellent warning effect in the close and far range and are very durable in use …


Our mirrors No matter the purpose, we have the perfect mirror for you. Each and every model is made in Austria using premium materials. Innovation is extremely important to us: Thanks to our patented gel technology, …

Company News

Visit Traviation GSE at Inter Airport Europe on Stand B6-186

This trolley took the interest of many visitors as it solves all the problems at the apron field. Never searching for the cones, or the chocks. They are well stored at the apron hand-guided trolley. FOD problems, …

Traviation GSE GmbH to exhibit at inter airport Europe 2023 - Stand B6-186

Traviation are specialized in ground support equipment like hand-guided apron trolleys that improves safety and efficiency. Based on highest quality standards our product range includes also containers, disinfection dispenser, blocking & guidance systems, wheel chocks …


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