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Automatic Bird Detection and Deterrence Solutions Driven by Technology and Innovation

Volacom is a European manufacturer of complex, hi-tech, and highly efficient automated bird control solutions allowing businesses and wildlife to operate and live in harmony. Our aim and the vision of our innovation-driven team of engineers and industry professionals is to show how advanced technology can solve a century-old problem and save lives – both of people and birds.

With 35+ years of experience in electronics, mechanics, software, acoustics, and imaging, we are a cross-field innovator offering both standardized products as well as complex, tailor-made solutions for keeping birds and terrestrial animals away in a nature-friendly way. Our own 20,000 m2 manufacturing facilities give us better control over time, cost, and quality of products, while our growing global partnership network and 150+ system installations worldwide are a testimony to our global reach.

The company’s primary bird control solution is BCAS Air – an autonomous bird detection and deterrence system using thermal imaging, a custom-built detection software and powerful acoustic modules emitting a proprietary deterrence signal to which birds do not habituate – one of the main disadvantages of other bird control methods. The system scans and detects avian species 24/7/365 even in zero-visibility conditions, without the need for human operator. The acoustic sound of 145 dB @ 1m induces an involuntary physical reflex (acoustic startle reflex), driving birds and other animals away from the protected zone, without causing them any stress or harm. Every detection is recorded in a database and is accessible through the client-dedicated UI for subsequent analysis.

BCAS Air creates a safety, bird-free zone over the runway and its adjacent area, where 80%+ of all bird and wildlife strikes happen. The system detects average-size birds at more than 400m, which is also the effective acoustic deterrence range, all automatically. Larger species are detected at 1+ km. Highest quality materials and 100% quality control bring about more than 15 years estimated system lifetime, with minimal annual maintenance costs.

Other airport bird control solutions by Volacom include BCAS Mobile, a vehicle-mounted acoustic deterrence-only system for bird control teams, the BDL-1P hand-held bird deterrence laser, the TCS Air 180/360 bird/UAV detection-only thermal imaging-based system, and the Volacopter LZ73-PRO bird-deterrence acoustic-based UAV.

Our portfolio includes further bird control systems for industries such as wind energy, industrial property, offshore oil and gas facilities, seaports, solar farms, agriculture, and leisure. Check our website for details on how we can keep your skies bird-free.

Give us a challenge if you have bird problems and our ornithological team will assess and analyze the specifics of your case and we’ll provide you with a custom-made concept for solving your issues within your specified budget.

Volacom is ISO 9 001 and ISO 45 001 certified. BCAS Air technology is patented in the USA and Russian Federation.


BCAS Air – Autonomous Bird Collision Avoidance System for Airports

BCAS Air - the Bird Collision Avoidance System by Volacom is a fully automated system for bird and wildlife control. It provides airport safety through detection, recognition, tracking and deterrence of avian and other species …

TCS Air – Automatic 0°-360° Aerial Objects Thermal Imaging Detection System

TCS Air - Volacom’s autonomous detection system for birds and aerial vehicles operates 24/7 in all-weather conditions, using thermal imaging and providing up to 360° surveillance area coverage. Detection capabilities cover a wide range of …

BCAS Mobile – Vehicle-mounted acoustic deterrence for bird control teams

BCAS Mobile – a vehicle-mounted avian and terrestrial species’ acoustic deterrence system for wildlife control units. Manually operated through a control module in the car cockpit, the two powerful acoustic modules emit Volacom’s proprietary ASR-inducing …

BDL-1P Hand-Held Bird Deterrence Laser

BDL-1P is a hand-held 4-beam bird deterrence laser designed and manufactured by Volacom. The green-coloured beams have been tested and proven to scare off birds from the ground, building facades and roofs, storage facilities and …

Volacopter LZ73-PRO Bird Deterrence and Surveillance UAV

The Volacopter LZ73-PRO is a vertical take-off/landing UAV designed for professionals. Its main application is bird and wildlife control and deterrence for industries like agriculture, seaports, heavy industry, industrial rooftops and solar farms. The UAV …

Company News

Volacom will be participating in the British-Irish Airports Expo, 22-23rd June

  We are excited to participate in the 2022 British-Irish Airports Expo during 22-23 June! Our Chief Ecologist Martin Georgiev will speak about the latest  bird and wildlife control technology by Volacom before an audience of …

BCAS Mobile Special Army Black Edition to Provide Bird Protection for NATO Military Aircraft

On 10 May a custom BCAS Mobile system mounted on a high-performance SUV was sent off on a special mission to a NATO military airbase to assure bird-free runways for safe take-off / landing of …

Volacom’s BCAS Air the only automatic bird detection+deterrence system at World Birdstrike Association’s 2022 Webinar

Speaking before close to 100 airport wildlife management professionals, industry experts, regulators and other bird strike stakeholders, Volacom’s Chief Ecologist Martin Georgiev presented the latest generation of the company’s technologically superior airport-dedicated bird control system …

OZON Company SRL becomes Volacom’s exclusive partner for Romanian market

On 21st February, 2022 Volacom and OZON Company SRL signed an exclusive partnership agreement covering the territory of Romania, under which OZON shall promote, market, advertise and demonstrate all products from Volacom’s hi-tech portfolio. The …

Volacom to Sponsor World Birdstrike Association’s 2022 Webinar

We are glad to be a gold sponsor of World Birdstrike Association’s 2022 webinar Changing World, Wildlife & Aviation! The event will be held on 7 and 8 March and will be attended by airport …

His Excellency Mr. Iwan Bogananta, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Bulgaria, Albania, and North Macedonia, visited Volacom’s factory

We were pleased to welcome yet another high-ranking state official to our engineering and manufacturing facilities in Sofia. On 25th January Ambassador Bogananta toured around our Group’s premises and witnessed in person our technological capacity, …

Another Award! Volacom’s Scientific Poster Awarded at WindEurope’s ElectricCity 2021 Expo

Volacom’s scientific poster on Real-Time Bird Detection and Collision Risk Control in Wind Farms grabbed one of the 8 awards among more than 230 participants at this year’s ElectricCity 2021 expo organized by WindEurope. Our …

Volacom Participated in WindEurope’s ElectricCity 2021 Expo in Copenhagen, Denmark

Volacom took part in the ElectricCity 2021 expo organized by one of the leading global wind energy industry organizations – WindEurope. More than 450 exhibitors from all over the world presented the latest in on- …

Volacom Awarded a Second Wind Farm Bird Control Procurement Contract by Enel Green Power

Volacom’s BCAS Wind autonomous bird detection and deterrence system will be installed at a second wind farm operated by Enel Green Power close to Santiago, Chile. The contract was awarded after the company won a …


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