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Bird Collision Avoidance Systems (BCAS) for Airports

Volacom is a high-tech company focused on designing and manufacturing of specialized, tailor-made, bird control systems. The Bird Collision Avoidance Systems (BCAS) is the culmination of years of research and development. The BCAS is able to provide fully automatically and environmentally friendly:

  • Detection of birds
  • Recognition of birds
  • Deflection (deterrence) of birds
  • Monitoring and statistics of birds

The bird dispersal system of Volacom is a unique high-tech solution for bird control related problems at airports and many other applications.

Volacom is an innovative company with more than 12 years of experience, research and development of state-of-the-art avian detection and deterrence systems. Cross-field innovation is the core of our R&D approach. We actively seek and explore opportunities, where scientific fields do not traditionally intercept.

The Bird Collision Avoidance Systems (BCAS) combines efforts of specialists in various fields like: neuroscience, biology, applied engineering, physics and software development.

An extensive R&D process led to the creation of the BCAS system, resolving bird related problems in a wide area of applications.

Volacom together with ACOM and Milara have formed a hi-tech group of companies, which are world leaders in niche high-quality products such as: RF and audio power amplifiers, acoustics, precise mechanics, sensors and related equipment.

Company Profile

  • Bird Dispersal and Control at Airports

    Airport runway is considered the most critical zone for bird strikes. Accordingly, the BCAS modules are installed at a safe distance along each side of the airstrip to form a safety tunnel zone over the full perimeter of the runway and the two safety zones. Additional units detects and deflects birds away protecting the ascending and descending paths, which ensures the safety movement of airplanes without conflict with nature. The exact system configuration depends on the specific project layout and protection requirements.

    In addition to the statically installed system modules along the runway, the BCAS has a mobile version installed on a vehicle, in order to enable the bird control personnel to decrease the presence of bird in other areas of the airport.

    The BCAS provides:

    • 24/7,3600 degrees automatic detection under any light and weather conditions;
    • Automatic recognition of avian species via specialized, intelligent software;
    • Zero habituation and stress free deflection through the patented ASR reflex reaction;
    • Monitoring via daylight cameras provides colorful pictures and different statistics;
    • Reporting aggregated data for internal (research) and external (international compliance) purposes;
    • An autonomous RF communication between the individual units of the system provides high level of reliability.
  • Detection and Recognition of Birds

    Detection functions are performed by thermal and daylight stereo cameras, which constantly are scanning the environment for incoming flying objects.

    Once an object is detected, a proprietary software analyzes the data. When the system recognizes the flying object as a bird, it positions the acoustic module, which emits a proprietary sound signal.

    Panoramic Infra-red Detection Module

    • Up to 360° panoramic coverage
    • Day and Night detection
    • All weather conditions
    • Multiple bird detections
    • Tracking of detected objects
    • Detection of approaching aircraft

    Daylight Stereo Monitoring Module

    • Monitoring and reporting
    • True bird recognition
    • Habitat management
    • Flexible control
    • Specialized monitoring and reporting software
  • Deterrence of Birds

    Deterrence is one of the major challenges for bird control solution. Mainly, due to the fact that bird get accustomed to most of the deterrence stimuli and start to ignore them with the time.

    The patented BCAS deterrence method explores an involuntary reflex reaction in birds. A unique quality of this reaction is that it provides a permanent deterrence solution, as birds do not get accustomed to its effects, even after repeated exposure. This method is been also proven to be diversity effective and to avoid harassment or adverse effects on the health and well-being of the exposed species.

    Acoustic Module

    • Designed to evoke ASR (Acoustic Startle Reflex)
    • Unique sound wave – no habituation, no harassment
    • Short sound duration – minimal noise disturbance
    • Focused deflection sound signal at targeted birds
  • Specialized Bird Control Software

    The BCAS specialized bird control software is a modular web based application, which allows monitoring of the bird detections and controls all aspects of the system.

    The BCAS interface have been built using latest web standards and featuring sophisticated database engine for fast storage and data retrieval over thousands of detection records.

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