Atlas Series


The Atlas Series is constructed with an extruded aluminium heatsink and stainless-steel housing, providing protection in the harshest conditions including high temperatures and salinity environments.

The series is available with symmetric optics for multi-spot environments (e.g. remote aprons) and highly asymmetric for low-glare environments (e.g. MARS contact stands).  

Features and benefits of the Atlas Series

  • UL certified and DLC listed.
  • Proprietary optic lenses designed and developed in house provide the highest level of asymmetric distribution in the market allowing clients to achieve required light levels with less power, fewer luminaries / fixtures and all with low glare for pilots and ground staff.
  • Designed to have either asymmetric or symmetric distribution allowing for a flexible solution that can be used in a wide range of applications.
  • Manufactured with a stainless steel construction that improves structural integrity and life of product a critical need when used in challenging environments.
  • Modular design allowing for versatile and tailored applications and solutions.
  • High lumen package delivering over 112,000 lumens to meet the highest requirements and standards.
  • An in-house designed extruded heat sink allows for highly efficient heat dissipation due to its large surface area, when compared with a die-cast product. This keeps lumen degradation to a minimum, extending life and performance.
  • Designed as standard with an integrated 2 step surge protection up to 15kA / 20kV which protects the luminaire against power surges meaning more reliability and longer performance.
  • Versatile bracket and adapters to fit any existing mast infrastructure for ease of install and quick retrofit applications
  • DALI controls for plug and play capability.
  • Certified IP 67 for highest level of ingress protection.
  • Easy 1 vs 1 replacement / retrofit solution for HID floodlights.
  • Integrated drivers for high reliability and ease of installation.
  • Manufactured in Europe, stocked in the USA for fast deliveries