Single Token Biometrics


In an industry where revenue hinges on mere minutes and every second counts, airports & airlines must look to new technology to accommodate increased passenger processing without compromising safety and security.

From biometrics to self-service, airport design and mobile technology, IER-EASIER is embarking with Airports & Airlines on the digital transformation journey towards Airport 4.0 and accelerate technology breakthroughs and elevate passenger experience at the airport.

Benefits for the airport

  • Establish a true identity for each passenger, enabling those with biometrics ID documents to enroll at a kiosk
  • Improve Time to Board and On-time Departure, enabling the processing of more flights
  • Once digital identity is created, passengers can go through any other point in the process without the need to present any physical document thanks to implementation of 1:N matching

Create a unique experience for passengers

  • A Contactless, Token-less, Paperless Curb-to-Gate process;
  • Single point Identity verification;

A hygienic, fun to use and intuitive method of authentication, with ergonomically designed hardware and software solution.