Charger - Discharger


Charger – Discharger of EAR-CH series serves to test, charge, discharge and commissioning of all types of aircraft batteries (lead-acid, Ni-Cd, Li-ion, etc.).

It provides storing the maintenance history of each battery during the whole cycle of charging-discharging.

Availability of dual outputs allows to charge or discharge two batteries at the same time. Voltage and temperature measurements are performed by every element of the battery with special “Probe” testers.

Battery type

  • Air-tight PB battery: aviation sealed lead acid battery filled with electrolyte
  • Standard airtight PB: standard sealed lead acid battery filled with electrolyte
  • Standard enclosed PB: standard closed lead acid battery
  • Enclosed airtight NC: aviation closed nickel cadmium battery
  • Enclosed NiCd VARTA: closed nickel cadmium battery type VARTA
  • Enclosed NiCd SAFT: closed nickel cadmium battery type SAFT
  • Enclosed NiCd NKBN: closed nickel cadmium battery type NKBN
  • Aviation nickel cadmium battery Saft
  • Aviation battery 20NKBN-25-U3
  • Aviation battery 20KSX25-P-A-TO
  • Battery 12-SAM-28


  • Universal battery measuring plate
  • Temperature sensor
  • Interface cable RS 485 for PC connection
  • Network extension cable (connection between two charges)


  • User + service manual
  • Passport
  • Warranty certificate
General parameters

  • Quantity of batteries: 1
  • Charge current range, A: 0,1-50
  • Discharge current range, A: 50-0,1
  • Charge voltage range, V: 0,1-50
  • Discharge voltage range, V: 50-1,0
  • Voltage error: ±(0,1%+0,05V)
  • Current error: ±(1,5%+0,05A)
  • Discreteness of the charge and discharge current, A: 0,01
  • Insulation: VDE 0160, class 1
  • Output clamp type: Kelvin type
  • Report printing: Thermo printer
  • Output power cables (red/black): +
  • Network input cable: +


  • Climatic execution: -10 to +55˚C
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Protection class: IP 23
  • Dimensions, LxWxH, mm: 485x515x185
  • Weight, kg: 29
  • Free space for exhaust, mm: >200

Input parameters

  • Input voltage, V: 230 ± 10% (single-phase alternating)
  • Input frequency, Hz: 47-63
  • Input power:, VA 3000


  • External mains protection, A: 20