Dyba Slave Pallet NEL 10ft


Dyba Slave Pallet RS01 is a movable transport unit for handling ULDs. Slave Pallets are used for storage and the build-up and break down of ULDs in warehouses. This type of slave pallet can be moved around by a Slave Pallet Mover (a special electric forklift with 3 forks).

Features / specifications:

  • Suitable for ULD with base surface 125”x96” (e.g. PMC)
  • Operating height 250 mm
  • Transfer deck surface: with gravity rollers Ø89
  • Load direction: NEL (Narrow Edge Leading)
  • Overall dimensions: 3350 x 2620 mm (l x w)
  • Maximum load capacity: 6.800 kgs
  • With 2 anti-slip walkway between rollers
  • Can be picked up from all 4 sides by the Slave Pallet Mover
  • Easy stackable when not in use


  • Can be painted in any RAL colour
  • Surface treatment: galvanised
  • Extra ULD stops
  • Fully closed between rollers
  • Available for ULD with base surface 125”x88” (e.g. AAC)