Dyba Stacking Rack Pallets


Our stacking rack SR51 is a heavy steel frame in which empty 10 ft pallets can be easily collect and stacked. After creating a neat stack of up to 20 pallets with a forklift, the stack is prepared for strapping, transport to a cargo trailer, aircraft or for internal storage in a pallet storage rack SR01.

The neat stack simplifies the loading into a cargo trailer. After all, there are no protruding pallets that do not fit through the door opening. Using multiple stacking bins facilitates the sorting and storage of pallets by airline. In short, a lot of time can be saved with this solution!

Features / specifications:

  • Suitable for ULD with base surface 125”x96” (P6P base; e.g. PMC, PAG, PAJ, PLA)
  • Overall dimensions: 3500 x 2760 x 1300 mm (l x w x h)
  • Capacity per stack: 20 pallets
  • With special pockets for moving easily with a forklift Easily stackable
  • Easy for shipping due compact packing


  • Can be painted in any RAL colour
  • Surface treatment: galvanised
  • Available for ULD with base surface 125”x88” (P1P base)