GPI – General Purpose Interface


GPI manages the analog/digital input and output to control devices in the industrial and civil branch.

16 insulated digital inputs

16 outputs insulated by c-mos relay

4 analog inputs

Double power supply

Communication Bus RS485

Mechanical Specs
Weight 1,5 Kg
Dimensions (w x d x h) 170 x 213 x 86 mm
Installation Wall mounted, vertical, horizontal
Product engineering IP65 material Alloy 6060 black varnished
Data connector EDAC 20-pin connector
IN/OUT connector EDAC 56-pin connector
Ground connector Stainless steel bolt 6MA
Electronic Specs

Power Supply and data

Power supply Voltage Dc: (28 ÷ 60) Volt
Consumption 1 Watt
Communication Protocol RS485 half duplex
Max per channel 10
Baud rate 230,4 Kbyte/s
Set up E, 8 bit, 1 stop-bit
Software Update available by means of front connector
Address EEPROM editable through front connector
Display 0.96” Monochrome
Switch Off – Remote
Led IN/OUT 16 Green Leds IN – 16 Red Leds OUT
Led Status On – Rx -Tx – Power A-B
Power supply Double power supply (automatic Back-up function)
16 IN Optical insulation
16 OUT Optical insulation 60 Volt 3 Amp