UNI-CONV – Universal Converter


UNI-CONV has the purpose to collect data from any kind of device and make these data available in the plant management systems, converting the different data communication protocol. In airport branch the UNI-CONV interface is designed to manage the most common protocols existing on the market to control the CCR Units in a redundant loop with POE power supply.

Double POE supply

Loop Communication Bus RS485

Device OUT RJ45

OUT protocols: RS 232 ,RS 485 (Mod-Bus,J-Bus), LonWorks

Mechanical Specs
Weight 0,5 Kg
Dimensions (l x d x h) 185 x 250 x 50 mm
Installation horizontal
Product Engineering Aluminium black varnished
Data Connector IN/OUT RJ45 POE quick plug in
Connector IN/OUT RJ 45 quick plug in
Electronic Specs

Power supply and Data

Power supply 24 Volt Dc
Consumption 1.7 Watt
Communication Protocol RS485 half duplex loop
Max per channel 15
Baud rate 230,4 Kbyte/s
Software Update through rear connector
Address by front switch
Switch ON/OFF
Status Led Rx -Tx – IN OUT DEVICE
Power supply Double Power supply (automatic Back-up) POE
Device Protocol Rs 232-Rs 485 (Mod Bus, J Bus) – LON