LTC – Lamp Time Control


LTC measures the response time with which the system, both hardware and software of any manufacturer or type, communicates to the operators the “burnt” lamp failure.

LTC MASTER station is equipped with a device that during the burned lamp test detects the acoustic signal with a microphone. In that precise moment the recording stops and LTC MASTER issues the report. The survey has a precision from 1 to 2 milliseconds with certification by an authorized Body. At the end of the procedure LTC prints out a report. The report certificates the surveyed timings in milliseconds and the instrument serial number, that cannot be modified.

LTC components are integrated and protected in housings that are purpose-built and placed inside the special aeronautical suitcase. This container is equipped with handles and safety locking system: the use of the measurement instrument does not require screws or the opening of fastening mechanisms that could be accidentally dispersed onto the ground.


  • 1 display LCD 16 digits and 2 rows
  • 1 potentiometer (Microphone sensitivity setting)
  • ANT. (antenna connector)
  • Nr. 5 push buttons: RES-ESC-TEST-START-STOP
  • 9-pin male connector PRG (RTX channel programming)
  • 9-pin female connector MIC (Microphone input sensor)
  • Nr. 1 bar of 5 led:

ON (switch on Led)

TES (sending test procedure to Slave unit)

TFB (test response from Slave unit)

LOF (sending lamp OFF procedure)

LFB (response from Slave to lamp OFF)


  • 1 charger connector
  • 1 fuse
  • 1 ON/OFF switch
  • 1 integrated printer into the special aeronautical suitcase
  • Printout on replaceable paper roll


  • 1 LCD display 16 digits and 2 rows
  • ANT. (antenna connector)
  • CHARGE (Inside Battery Charger)
  • ON (INIT push button connector)
  • POWER LIGHT (connection device for LTC Slave)
  • Nr. 5 led:

ON (switch on Led)

TES (sending test procedure to Master station)

TFB (test response from Master station)

LOF (sending lamp OFF procedure)

LFB (response from Slave to lamp OFF)


  • DATA (connector for LTC SLAVE connection)
  • Nr. 2 led: ON (switch on Led) – ACTIVE (Relay activation Led for “interrupted lamp circuit”)
  • LAMP (FAA connector to the lamp to be checked)
  • TR (transformer FAA connector coming from the module)