PAS 68 Hydraulic Bollards – HVM Crash tested


The Avon SB970CR Scimitar Security Bollard provides a high level of security against unauthorised vehicle access without the need for an outwardly aggressive appearance.

The PAS 68 impact tested bollard is an active automated bollard that is hydraulically operated, it stands 1000mm in its fully raised position and retracts to road level to allow authorised vehicles access.

It can be integrated with our other PAS 68 static bollards to create a cohesive protective perimeter around an area or building.


  • Physically impact tested to PAS68 criteria
  • Multiple testing (single bollard / multiple bollards)
  • Unobtrusive appearance
  • Minimal foundation requirement (2.25 cubic metres)
  • Manufactured from heavy gauge materials
  • Manual hand pump facility
  • Programmable logic control system
  • 100% duty cycling

Options include: Decorative/ Stainless Steel sleeves, LED lighting, Emergency fast raise

Technical Specification

Physical Dimensions:  HPU Cabinet:     640/940mm W x 670mm D x 1300mm H

Single Bollard:  610mm W x 610mm D x 2000mm H

Basic Power Requirements:    3-Phase 415v AC, 50Hz, 20 Amps (other voltages are available)

Control Voltage:  S.E.L.V 24v

Performance:  Loading 30 Tonnes

Impact Absorption:   Single SB970CR   1852KJ (fully operational immediately after impact)

Full PAS68 Classification:  V/7500(N2)/80/90:0/25

Speed of Operation:  6 Seconds to raise or lower

Tested Model:  990mm Hx 322mm Dia 25mm wall thickness

Operating temperature range available:  -25°C – +70°C

Construction:  The unit is comprised of a static sub-surface mounting tube and impact tube. The supporting framework is constructed from fully welded, high strength, structural steel completely encased with steel sheets to provide a self-shuttered module. The 323.9mm (+/- 1%) diameter bollard is constructed using hi-tensile structural steel.