PAS 68 Static Bollards – HVM Crash tested


The static bollard range provides protection from a range of determined threats from vandalism to the extreme of a Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED), scimitar bollards are ideal to discreetly protect sites where aesthetics and public perception are a consideration.

Impact testing has been undertaken at a variety of speeds and foundation depths providing clients with a range of bollards with varying levels of protection.

Static bollards can be utilised for walkway protection or perimeter stand-off protection, and are available as removeable bollards as an option

Features & Options:

  • Physically impact tested to PAS68 criteria
  • Proportionate levels of mitigation
  • Stainless Steel Sleeves
  • Bespoke Sleeves
  • Mitre top
  • Paint options
  • Removable option
Scimitar 75/50 Scimitar 75/40 Scimitar 75/30
Bollard Diameter: 273mm 273mm 219mm
Bollard Height 1 metre (above ground level) 1 metre (above ground level) 1 metre (above ground level)
Full PAS68 Classification:   V/7500(N3)/80/90:10.6/11.1 V/7500(N2)/64/90:3.3/0 V/7500[N2]/48/90/0/0
Foundation Depth: 750mm

(Category C Depth >0.5m below ground level)


(Category C Depth >0.5m below ground level)


(Category C Depth >0.5m below ground level)