PCR – Powered Cargo Roller System – Automatic Air Cargo Loading System


The Powered Cargo Roller system (PCR) is used to automatically load and unload air cargo ULD’s. The Joloda Hydraroll’s powered cargo roller is a polyurethane coated roller with electric powered (24 Volt DC) motor. This PCR drives at a speed of approx. 7 m/min. The PCR’s can be raised and lowered pneumatically. The PCR rollers are available in an hydraulic version as well.

The PCR rollers always are used in combination with our pneumatic roller tracks to carry the ULD’s. The system can be used both in trucks / trailers as in ULD handling warehouses as well.

The PCR system is the most safe and controlled system to load / unload air cargo ULD’s. The polyurethane roll brings highest possible friction between ULD and the roller, so the cargo will be under control in all cases.

Operation of the entire system can be done by the pendent controller. Depending on load and vehicle type we can determine together what the control options exactly should be.

The PCR system is used for all kind of loads, from the smallest AKE containers till the most heaviest turbine engines or machine components.

Tangential force = 2600Nm
Rated speed = 0.09m/sec
Nominal power = 0.5kW
Idle current = 12-14Amp
Switch off current = 30-33amps
Weight = 44KG per unit including housing (housing available in steel or stainless steel)
Electric supply = 24Volts

2 different height versions are available

Optionally hydraulic driven PCR rollers are available instead of electric driven