Pneumatic Raise and Fall Roller Tracks - PRT


Our Pneumatic Roller Tracks are commonly used in truck / trailer applications as integrated part of the floor construction. However for any other stationary system they could be used as well. These roller tracks are suitable to handle all aircargo ULD’s and block pallets.

When the loads are in position, the air pressure can get released again which makes the rollers drop down in the roller module. In that way the ULD’s wont move anymore and this creates a flush floor service again, easy and safe to walk over. The system can withstand forklift and pallet-truck movement when the rollers are in down position.

We have a wide portfolio of all kind of roller track designs, in height and roller width. Depending on the customer needs and cargo types we can recommend the best matching roller track design.

Specific for aircargo handling we have designed our MK21 and MK24 Twin-Roller concept.

For trucking applications we always supply our easy to operate AQ control boxes along with the roller tracks. All boxes are made from stainless steel and  come with our AutoDown safety feature. The AutoDown function makes sure that the rollers always are in down position when the vehicle is moving. Depending on the system length, the roller tracks can be operated per air section.

MK24 roller track height = 48mm
MK4 / MK21 roller track height = 68,5mm

Standard roller track module lengths = 3.200mm and 3.800mm (The roller tracks easily can get cut down in any length to the customers needs)

Required air pressure = 2.1bar
Lifting capacity per 1 meter module = ca. 550KG (standard)

Multiple roller pitch distances are possible

Air operation box:
-stainless steel housing
-Autodown function standard included
-with fixed operation or optional operation by remote controller
-a 13.6mtr set (European trailer length) standard comes with 4 air section operation