Slave Pallets


Transporting goods by land and sea is widely considered as the most favourable transportation method, primarily due to costs, however, the transportation of good by air is broadly considered as the quickest and unhindered transport method. The air cargo industry represents 35% of the worlds trade by value and 1% by volume, transporting 900,000 ULD’s. The volume of air cargo continues to grow and with the demand for consumer goods ever increasing, the need to move cargo around the world quickly is more important than ever. This has been exacerbated in recent years as a result of the pandemic and staff shortages faced across the industry. It’s now more important than ever for logistic providers to create a more efficient supply chain that’s capable of handing the demands of the air cargo industry.

This is precisely why we’ve continued to develop and innovate our air cargo loading technology for handling air cargo, such as ULD and PMC pallets and have played a leading role, globally. We are the preferred partner for most global freight forwarders, transport, and logistics companies. Our pneumatic rise and fall rollerbed systems are world-renowned and found at all major airports and cargo handling hubs.