Rolba 500


The new Rolba R500 is unique in terms of size and power. Additionaly various options and clearing widths are available to choose from. Apart from direct ejection, various ejector tube lengths are available and even a telescopic ejector tube. The Rolba 500 can be prepared for multiple use, for example, with regard to a boom mower. So the machine is also ideal for an use during summer season.

Clearing capacity: up to 1800t/h Clearing widths: 180 – 210 cm

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Rolba R500
with two-stage ZAUGG snow blower
Clearing capacity 1800 t/h
Clearing widths 180/200/210 cm
Clearing height in one pass 130 cm
Casting distance up to 40 m
Turning radius approx. 4.8 m
Clearance speed 0.15–40 km/h
Engine output 170 kW
Fuel tank 150 l
Total weight up to 8000 kg
Rolba R500
with boom mower (further attachments on request)
Attachment plate type VSS-A/F1
Maximum output at the PTO stub 75 kW
Direction of rotation of PTO (shaft viewed from the front on to the stub) Counterclockwise
Speeds at PTO Shaft 540 rpm @ 1350 rpm Diesel
750 rpm @ 1876 rpm Diesel
PTO shaft profile ZWP 1¾” 6-part acc. to DIN9611