Snow sweeper P21C


Snow sweeper on modified truck chassis. Drive: Self-propelled Brush Width: 4.5 m

Unlike the tow-behind models, the P 21C is a compact snow sweeper mounted on a modified standard chassis. All-wheel steering with crab steer makes the P 21C particularly manoeuvrable in all airside areas, even where access is very tight. On this machine, the blower nozzle is also located in front of the rear axle to clear remaining snow before it is compacted by the rear wheels. This all-wheel drive vehicle delivers the same, high clearance performance as the P 21.

Powerful and reliable
ZAUGG AG EGGIWIL’s high-performance snow sweepers are engineered specifically for clearing snow and ice at airports. These state-of-the-art specialist vehicles featuring separate propulsion and auxiliary engines keep runways and taxiways clear for take-off and landing throughout the winter maintenance period. And they let you manoeuvre easily to clean surfaces in areas that are difficult to reach, like around air bridges.

All models come with an ergonomically designed, highly user-friendly control panel with simple displays and clear symbols, a few switches and a joystick. The snow sweepers are easy to operate from the central control panel inside the cab. In automatic mode, the driver can concentrate fully on his snow clearing work, just controlling the brush swing and raising/lowering the sweeping units individually.

Simple to operate

Special attention has been devoted to features for night operation and to the logical layout of all controls. With the turn of a key and a push of the engine start button and 3 switches for the main plough, brush and blower fan functions, the machine is ready to go. Using just a joystick, the driver can control the entire hydraulic motion system, pressing rocker switches to operate any of the main functions independently.


The blower fan and brush are driven by two independent hydraulic circuits. Another, separate circuit is provided to control all movements. All actions like opening the engine compartment and actuating emergency valve functions can be operated by an electric hydraulic pump when the auxiliary engine is switched off. With centrally located valves, solid tubing and simple hose guides, the hydraulic system has been engineered for maximum machine availability

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Snow sweeper P 21C
Hydrostatically driven brush and fan
Blower nozzle in front of the rear axle
More than 80% identical parts to P21 towed snow sweeper
Clearance capacity 145 000 m²/h
Electronic controller with error diagnosis program
High manoeuvrability due to auxiliary rear-axle steering