The wedge-shaped plough is optimal for the rapid and simple clearance of snow around the runway and taxiway boundary lighting at airports and airfields. Plough Length: 300 cm

Snow clearance made easy with the unique ZAUGG snow plough technology.

One of the core areas of ZAUGG’s business is the development, design and manufacture of high quality, technically advanced snow ploughs for snow clearance on all roads and driveways as well as at airports.

The ploughs can be easily attached to single-axle vehicles, all types of tractor, municipal and all-wheel-drive vehicles from a wide range of manufacturers, skidsteer loaders and forklift trucks, vans, Unimogs, trucks, wheel loaders and airport snow clearance vehicles.

They are available in no less than 16 models, each with a range of different plough widths. The normal blade angle is 35°/32°, although most models are available with a 45° angle or even 55° on certain models. In terms of performance and operation, they are designed to cope with the demands of snow clearance today. Snowremoval is remarkably easy, with great savings in fuel.

The driver enjoys an exceptionally good overview thanks to the optimum plough height. And the ZAUGG trip edge system (obstruction impact protection system) enables clearance speeds of up to 60 km/h without detriment to safety.

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Clearing width 300 cm
Opening width of the plough 60 cm
Maximum passage height over the lighting 60 cm
Plough height in the centre 80 cm
Plough height at the outside 110 cm
Total weight including blower 1250 kg
Necessary minimum hydraulic drive power 60 l/min at 180 bar