Snow plough SP3000


The snow plough SP3000 was specially developed for use on airports. It is characterised by its width, simple design and the low weight. It is equipped with the ZAUGG trip edge system.

Plough Length: 560 – 800 cm  Number of elements: 4 – 5 elements

Snow clearance made easy with the unique ZAUGG snow plough technology.

One of the core areas of ZAUGG’s business is the development, design and manufacture of high quality, technically advanced snow ploughs for snow clearance on all roads and driveways as well as at airports.

The ploughs can be easily attached to single-axle vehicles, all types of tractor, municipal and all-wheel-drive vehicles from a wide range of manufacturers, skidsteer loaders and forklift trucks, vans, Unimogs, trucks, wheel loaders and airport snow clearance vehicles.

They are available in no less than 16 models, each with a range of different plough widths. The normal blade angle is 35°/32°, although most models are available with a 45° angle or even 55° on certain models. In terms of performance and operation, they are designed to cope with the demands of snow clearance today. Snowremoval is remarkably easy, with great savings in fuel.

The driver enjoys an exceptionally good overview thanks to the optimum plough height. And the ZAUGG trip edge system (obstruction impact protection system) enables clearance speeds of up to 60 km/h without detriment to safety.

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Snow plough SP3000 560 600 750 750C 800C
Number of elements pcs 4 4 5 5 5
Plough length A cm 560 600 750 750 800
Element width cm 140 150 150 150 160
Clearing width B at an angle of 35° cm 485 490 614 614 655
b1 35° cm 264 280 342 342 363
b2 35° cm 194 210 272 272 292
Passage width C at an angle of 35° cm 496 528 642 642 691
Passage width with side blades folded cm 450 480
Plough height cm 130 130 130 130 130
Weight with attachment plate, electrical unit,
pump unit
approx. kg 1550 1600 1750 1950 2000