Real time data capture solutions for GSE and asset tracking, monitoring, safety and management

ADVEEZ in-house experts design a full range of data capture modules including embedded software, electronic, sensors and network connectivity (LTE, 5G, BLE, GSM, NB-IoT, LoRa).

Dedicated to airport area, ADVEEZ connected solutions monitor, locate and manage motorized and non-motorized GSE fleet as well as ensure user safety in outdoor and indoor environments.

Our Localeez® app and web platform display and analyse real time information to increase operational efficiency. The decision-making data provided by Localeez® improves significantly turnaround management.

ADVEEZ continues to develop cutting edge technologies and boast several “First & Only” products, including:

  • GSE working status for operational teams, environmental and turnaround management
  • Complete indoor & outdoor tracking solution for un-powered assets
  • Hands-free and touchless access control for GSE
  • Automatic speed control for GSE
  • Driver scoring for vehicle management and maintenance
  • GSM/LTE uplink technology for GSE data capture
  • Wireless connection for configuration and diagnostics
  • Fastest installation time of < 2hrs/GSE (basic system)

We offer a data capture solution purpose-built for GSE tracking, management and safety.

As an IoT expert, ADVEEZ ensures end-to-end development and implementation of its solutions. We manage every step of the product lifecycle including the R&D, design, testing, production, distribution and support.

All ADVEEZ products are developed in Toulouse, France: hardware, server, web software and analytics. With an end-to-end solution design, ADVEEZ can integrate specific requirements of its customers and grow its feature list Thus ADVEEZ is flexible in hardware and software, and open to modifications with costs and technical rationales.

With 7 years data-driven experience in telematics, ADVEEZ consultants are advising customers to facilitate at most the solutions adoption: installation recommendations, integration with other software, API or existing systems, data analysis are possible.

In-house expertise allows ADVEEZ to stay ahead of the market and offer its customers the best available technology while ensuring ease-of-use. Internationally known for its expertise in uplink radio networks, ADVEEZ works hand in hand with the stakeholders to find the best technology at the best price for its customers.


FAMA -Real time data capture module for motorized assets

FAMA (Fleet Asset Management for Airports) is a global connected solution dedicated for powered assets fleet management. Our in-house engineered solution includes robust and reliable hardware modules with customized Localeez® web platform to optimize ground …

IOTM-OTM -Indoor &/or outdoor real time data capture module for unmotorized assets

Unpowered GSE including bag trailers, cargo dollies, towbars, stairs, etc. can be tracked with the ADVEEZ OTM (Outdoor Tracking Module). The IOTM module (Indoor & Outdoor Tracking Module) combines both GPS and radio frequency to …

Localeez®web-platform and mobile app -Real time data management for motorized and unmotorized assets

The intuitive and interactive web-platform and mobile app, Localeez® displays reliable data in real time from all indoor & outdoor, powered and unpowered assets. It enhances your operations management and proactively predict your maintenance. Tracking performances …

Turtle box: Speed control and reduction system

The ADVEEZ connected turtle box improves safety in your high risk area, your speed reduction area or your luggage gallery. The Speed Control System is a light system: one module per motorized asset and detection beacons. When …


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