Mobile, temporary and permanent hangars for airports and MRO

SPANTECH is a leading manufacturer of temporary and permanent hangars and buildings for airports and MRO.

Over 20 years’ experience in delivering custom designed structures that can be rapidly built (within nine months). We offer sustainable and cost-effective hangars for airlines, airports and military organisations in Europe and the Middle East.

Spantech’s relocatable hangars can be adapted to an alternative location within the same country or other  country.

Large airlines use Spantech’s hangars at airports for their maintenance, repair and overhaul. Spantech also builds hangars for the military.

Spantech’s airport modular buildings and patented provide

  • Span of up to 125 metres
  • Eaves height up to 25 metres
  • Rigging load up to 25t/portal beam

Spantech aluminium hangars provide unique benefits versus traditional steel and concrete alternatives:

  • Faster speed ​​of execution (manufacturing & assembly)
  • Modular (possibility to enlarge or reduce quickly)
  • Reduced time on site due to our prefabricated construction (on site = assembly only)
  • Light and fast foundations
  • Movable/reusable structures
  • Limited environmental impact
  • Energy performance similar or superior to more traditional hangars
  • Equipment identical to conventional hangars (lighting, aircraft access doors, fire safety, HVAC equipment, etc.)

Spantech recognized as reliable supplier to Tier-1 organizations by integrating engineering, production & installation services.


Wide body aircraft hangars

SPANTECH designs, manufactures and installs structures that span up to 115 m, suitable to store wide body aircraft such as the A350, B777, B787. According to the on-site requirements, the following structures can be used: Grand …

Narrow body aircraft hangars

SPANTECH can provide several types of fast and mobile solutions to house narrow bodies such as A220, A320, B737 or the Bombardier CS300. According to the on-site needs, the following structures can be used: Polygonal …

Extension tail out box

Quick, flexible and reliable solution to extend your hangar or to fit the tail of a plane SPANTECH can design a tailormade steel structure on wheels with the following properties: Insulated connection to existing building Structure …


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