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Lithuanian Airports announces tender for aviation fuel infrastructure lease

Lithuanian Airports are launching an international tender to lease the existing fuel storage facilities at Vilnius and Palanga airports for ten years to manage the existing infrastructure as efficiently as possible. According to Dainius Ciuplys, Head of the Operations and Infrastructure Department of Lithuanian Airports, one of the tender objectives is to attract international, experienced […]

Financial results of Lithuanian Airports for 2020: Revenues decreased, steady recovery expected this year

Despite the challenges faced by the aviation sector, the gross revenue of Lithuanian Airports amounted to EUR 22.7 million last year (54% less than in the record-breaking year 2019). Lithuanian Airports incurred a loss of EUR 9.8 million in 2020 due to the result of the asset depreciation test. It highlights that despite the challenges of the pandemic, airports […]

Lithuanian Airports and Latvia’s A.C.B. sign contract for Palanga Airport’s runway reconstruction

This week, Lithuanian Airports have signed a contract with a Latvian construction company A.C.B. The latter plans to reconstruct, already in the autumn of this year, Palanga Airport runway, also the taxiway and some parts of the apron of the airport. This company already has experience in reconstructing Vilnius Airport runway in 2017. The company, […]

Safe travel becomes more convenient as Palanga Airport opens Covid-19 testing site

Services of testing for COVID-19 begin to be provided next to Palanga Airport from the morning of 9 April. A laboratory research company Rezus.lt has established its post near the passenger terminal of the seaside airport – paid testing services will be provided here in line with the schedule of flights (the services will be […]

Latvian A.C.B. won the tender to reconstruct Palanga Airport runway 

A Latvian company A.C.B., which already has similar experience in reconstructing Vilnius Airport runway in 2017, won the contract for reconstruction of Palanga Airport runway in the call for tenders that was issued in autumn of the last year. During this project, one taxiway and some parts of the apron are also planned to be […]

Palanga Airport is preparing for reconstruction in autumn 2021: the runway and parts of the apron will be renewed

Palanga Airport is preparing for an important reconstruction in the autumn of 2021, as the runway of the airport will be reconstructed and other works will include renewal of the taxiway and other parts of the apron. The search for a contractor for these works will be announced this week and the contract will be […]

Lithuanian Airports see a recovery in passenger numbers and routes in July

Reviewing the aviation statistics of July, Lithuanian Airports recorded that the recovery of passenger flows in Lithuania takes place a bit quicker than generally in Europe. Almost 168 thousand passengers travelled via the three airports of the country within the last month of July (while in June – 42.6 thousand).   The statistics of the […]

Winter season news in the sky of Lithuanian Airports: long-time favorite and new directions

Airports in Lithuania have good news for those who plan holiday or business trips during the cold season – in cooperation with air carriers, 6 new directions have been introduced, and the timetable of some of the most popular directions has been updated. This year more than 5 million passengers have flown using Lithuanian Airports. […]