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Royal Schiphol Group is an airport company with an important socio-economic task. Airports in the group create value for society and for the economy. Royal Schiphol Group is the owner and operator of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Lelystad Airport, and holds a majority stake in Eindhoven Airport. Our airports ensure optimum links for the Netherlands with the rest of the world and contribute to prosperity and well-being – in the Netherlands and beyond.

Everyone in the Netherlands knows Schiphol and our airport is held in high regard within the international aviation industry. In addition to its role as an employer and airport operator, Royal Schiphol Group has been an important aviation innovator for more than a century. Our airports are also an engine for the economy and that brings with it major responsibilities. Responsibility towards the employees of all the businesses at the airport, passengers, local residents and the environment. Our strategy shows how we fulfil our mission.

Connecting the Netherlands
Our mission is to ensure optimum links between the Netherlands and the rest of the world. By facilitating the transport of passengers and cargo by air, we are contributing to international trade, exchange of knowledge and tourism. In addition, we help people to forge and maintain social contacts, gain new experiences or relax in a different environment. This contributes to welfare and prosperity within and beyond our national borders.

Based on five strategic themes, we aim to work with our partners, government and other stakeholders to develop Schiphol into an efficient hub and attractive place to visit and work.

Europe’s Preferred Airport
The Netherlands is an extremely important market for Schiphol, but the national market is small. This is why we aim to be Europe’s Preferred Airport for departing, arriving and transfer passengers, airlines and logistics service providers.

We are developing Schiphol as an attractive business location and an ideal workplace for thousands of people. We also aim to gain a reputation among passengers for our smooth processes, the best service and an appealing range of shops, hotels and restaurants. Schiphol endeavours to offer all its users high quality at a reasonable price. All of this in the hope that visitors will choose to use Schiphol for their travel or transport next time too.

In the years ahead, we will continue to develop Royal Schiphol Group sustainably and responsibly. As we continue to perform and deliver quality on a daily basis, we are building on the airport of the future. All this in close collaboration with government, local communities, partners, passengers and other stakeholders.

Airport Profile

  • Check in at Schiphol

    At Schiphol, you can check in for your flight in several ways. The fastest is to check in online at home. You can also check in at the airport by using the self-service kiosk and baggage drop area, or at your airline’s check-in desk.

    Online check-in
    Many airlines allow you to check in on their website up to 24-hours before departure. You can print out your own boarding pass, or have it emailed to you to be scanned on your smartphone at the gate.

    Check in at a self-service kiosk or desk
    You can check yourself in for your flight at a self-service check-in kiosk in the departure halls. The kiosk will print out a boarding pass. The blue self-service kiosks are for KLM / SkyTeam airlines, and the yellow ones for several other airlines.

    You can also go directly to your airline’s check-in desk. The airline representative will print your boarding pass and check in your baggage. Simply check the website, app or screens in the departure halls to see the location of your check-in desk.

    Drop off your bags at a self-service kiosk or counter
    More airlines than ever have automated their baggage check-in processes. This is particularly useful if you checked in online – just head to the self-service baggage drop-off kiosk at Schiphol and follow the on-screen instructions. A baggage tag will be printed, which you affix to your bags, before they are being transported to your plane.

    You can also check in and drop off your baggage at the check-in desk, where a representative will tag and process your bag for you.

    When to arrive at Schiphol
    Please check your airline’s website to find out when you need to arrive at Schiphol. This usually depends on your airline, your destination and the opening times of the check-in desk. In general, you should arrive at Schiphol:

    • 2 hours before departure, when travelling to a European destination
    • 3 hours before departure, when travelling to an intercontinental destination.

    Please add more time accordingly if you have odd-sized baggage, are travelling with a pet, or need extra help or assistance.

    Travel with children
    There are additional rules and regulations that govern travel with underage children. Please prepare before you travel by asking your airline about any particular rules they may have.

    Check in your pet
    Check in will be different if you plan to travel with your dog, cat or another small pet. You will need to check with your airline for any particular rules before you arrive at the airport.

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  • Prepare for security

    Everyone wants to clear security quickly – so we’ve made our process as comfortable as possible. You can prepare yourself for a smooth journey through security by ensuring you’ve packed your items correctly.

    Pack smart
    When you reach Schiphol’s Security area, an officer will check your hand baggage and clothing to see whether you have any dangerous or banned goods with you. Security takes longer if you have a lot of bags with you, so please put any unneeded items into your check-in bags.

    Security checklist for travellers
    Please use this checklist to go through security as smoothly as possible:

    • Ensure liquids and gels are in 100ml containers and placed in transparent 1 litre zip-lock bag. Please take this bag out of your hand luggage and place it in the tray provided if requested by a security officer.
    • Please remove your laptop, tablet and other electronic device from your hand baggage and place them into a separate tray if requested to do so by a security officer.
    • Empty your top and bottom pockets of all small items, then put everything into the tray provided. Your pockets must be completely empty before the scan.
    • Remove your outer jacket, blazer and shoes higher than ankle length and put them in a tray.
    • Always follow the security member’s instructions.

    icoon uitroepteken Tip

    Please remember to empty your water bottle before you go to security.

    Speed through the security scan
    Let’s take a quick look at the security scanner. It’s a fixed part of our security checks. You simply walk through it. You stand still on the shoe markings on the base for 3 seconds with your arms raised in the correct position. The scanner then does its work. The result is an exterior scan which is then analysed by a computer.

    Check, check, double-check – search
    A security officer will search you manually after the scan if the computer connected to the scanner detects an object on your skin. A full body search doesn’t always happen, but it is possible. It may not be the nicest part of your holiday, but it allows to keep our airport safe for you and all other travellers.

    There is no fixed height to the sensors, so not everyone is able to go through the security scanner. In that case, a different procedure will be used for travellers in a wheelchair and for small children, among others. In those cases, a security officer will perform a manual check.

    Clear security even faster with Privium
    As a Privium member, you will have priority in the security area and you will pass the border control in the blink of an eye. There’s less waiting, it’s calmer and you’ll get exclusive offers. Privium is a great option for anyone who travels through Schiphol more than four times a year.

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  • Hand baggage

    There are rules for what items can travel with you in your hand baggage and what items must be left behind. To help you prepare, this page outlines what can be brought with you on to the plane in your hand baggage, including liquids, medicines and baby food.

    Prepare your bags
    Most items are permitted on-board except those that appear on the list of dangerous and prohibited items below. Small scissors, nail files or tweezers may be taken on-board if the sharp part is no longer than 6-cm.

    icoon uitroepteken Tip

    You can store your passport and boarding pass in your bag or coat. You do not need this for the security check.


    • Liquids, gels, creams and pastes
      • Up to 100ml containers each
      • Placed in a transparent zip-lock bag, up to a maximum of 1 litre
      • One bag per person
    • Medicines and dietary supplements with a doctor’s certificate
    • Baby food
    • Liquids bought after security if sealed and accompanied by a receipt
    • Small file, tweezers or scissors to a max of 6cm
    • Cameras, tablets and laptops
    • Cheese and other food items. Please note: Liquid and spreadable cheese or food products fall under the liquids rules!

    Not permitted

    • Firearms and other objects that fire or resemble firearms – like toy guns that look authentic
    • Anaesthetic devices
    • Objects with a sharp tip or edge that may cause serious injury
    • Blunt instruments that can be used as a weapon
    • Explosive and flammable substances
    • Also check this list of prohibited items

    Please contact us if you want to check whether a particular item is allowed in your hand baggage. Always follow the instructions given by security staff. They can still refuse an item for safety reasons.

    Liquids permitted in your hand baggage
    You can take a maximum of 1 litre of liquids in your hand luggage in containers of 100ml each. The liquid content of each container must not exceed 100ml. Please put the liquids, gels, creams, pastes and aerosols in a re-sealable, transparent 1-litre bag.

    Anything more or larger must be stored in your hold baggage. But don’t forget to check if custom rules apply.

    icoon uitroepteken Tip

    For faster security clearance, we recommend keeping your liquids and electronic items within reach at the top of your hand baggage.

    Medicines and baby food
    Medication and dietary supplements can be included in your hand luggage. You can carry packages that contain more than 100ml, as long as you can prove you need them with a doctor’s certificate. If you are traveling with a baby of up to 1.5 years old, baby food may also be included in your hand baggage.

    Customs and hand baggage
    Customs has its own set of rules, just like security. Some restricted items may be permitted in limited supply or forbidden outright, when travelling to or from the Netherlands. Restricted items include drinks, tobacco, medicines, meat, fish, (products made of) protected animal and plant species, as well as large sums of cash.

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