Aviation fuel farms – Static Refueling Systems


TITAN AVIATION offers turn key aviation fuel farms for airports, military or private users, adapted to your needs in terms of capacity and performance.

Typically solutions include a loading and unloading group, with filter, meter and pump, with tanks sized as required for a stand alone aviation fuel farm.

All capacities are available, from a small 5,000L station for a private aircraft, up to a multi tank solution of 300,000L plus.

Containerized systems are also popular due to their transportability, they can be moved and re-sited quickly and efficiently. The containerized storage solution is safe and strong, compliant with ATEX norms and flexible to add extra tanks when needed. TITAN can also provide the unloading/loading groups integral to the tanks or as stand alone units, all requirements can be achieved, including providing power generation units.

Typical functions:

  • Unloading road tanker, with filtration
  • Loading aircraft refueller with metering and filtration
  • Direct aircraft refuelling
  • Single or multiple delivery lines
  • Fuel testing and QA
  • Power generation units – generator sets
  • Air transportable systems also available

Distribution unit: Typical delivery flow rate up to 2,000L/m  – ATEX compliant – Industrial or aviation coupling –

Tanks: from 5,000L to combinations systems i.e 3 x 100,000KL

Options: large range of options available

More information: https://titan-aviation.fr/en/products/commercial-line/aviation-fuel-farms/