Refueller or Dispenser Modules


TITAN AVIATION can supply modules for all types of aircraft refuellers and hydrant dispensers and these are available in CBU/SKD or CKD, for local assembly, like a plug and play solution.

We can supply TITAN standard optimised modules constructed in accordance with industry norms such as JIG or we can build to your unique specifications, we can even supply TITAN’s latest EZ control modules which utilise the most modern control interface with a host of safety and diagnostic features – it’s easy to use and intuitive.

This proven technology is a digital refuelling assistant, to guide the operator during operation and improve safety thanks to step-by-step guides and alerts.

Each refueller or dispenser module is designed to fit on practically any chassis sourced in your country, offering a high degree of local content and potential import duty savings. TITAN AVIATION can also provide highly trained technicians to assist with project management and local assembly.

The 2.0 fuelling module advantages:

  • Ruggedness
  • Reliability
  • SMART frame design for ease of assembly
  • Proven designs
  • Safety
  • SKD approach (plug and play)
  • Ergonomics
  • Available for all size aircraft refuellers & hydrant dispensers
  • Titan standard modules or to your unique specification
  • EZ CONTROL® interface also available
  • SKD approach
  • Project support available (in country)
  • Flow rate from 200l/m to 4000l/m

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