Hydrant pit cleaner


TITAN AVIATION hydrant pit cleaners are designed to clean, rinse and vacuum hydrant pits, and ensure a maximum quality of service. They are equipped with a rinse and suction lances and an air gun for drying the hydrant pit and also if required a low point flushing system with slops tank and overfill prevention.

Being equipped with an onboard compressor, our hydrant pit cleaners are completely autonomous and don’t require any external energy source. The equipment can be installed on a motorized chassis or a towable trailer.

Depending on the size of your operation (number of hydrant pits) and the frequency of cleaning operations, we offer a range of options such as vacuum, water and flushing tank sizes and chassis selection.

Major Functions:

  • Hydrant low point flushing
  • Hydrant pit valve flushing
  • Hydrant pit high pressure water spray
  • Hydrant pit vacuum / suction system
  • Hydrant drying with high pressure air
  • Transfer pumping system
  • Fitted with brake interlock system
  • Crane (for lifting pit valves, pit covers etc.) – OPTIONAL

More information: https://titan-aviation.fr/en/products/commercial-line/other-equipment/