Electric Powered refuelling trailer


TITAN-eTR is the electric refuelling trailer by TITAN AVIATION, dedicated to AVGAS or JET. This electric solution is autonomous and powered by batteries for refuelling. This zero emission refuelling trailer improves your carbon footprint, contributing to airport carbon reduction.

Available for various capacities, this electric refuelling trailer can be pulled by an electric tractor/baggage cart for a full electric solution.

The TITAN AVIATION electric trailer for refuelling combines safe batteries and reliable technology, for zero emission refuelling operations on airports. We can build units from 3KL to 11KL

This proven technology also improves your operators comfort, thanks to silent operations and zero CO2 emission.

Pump: battery powered refuelling

Capacity: 3 000L – 11,000L

Distribution: 1 overwing line – 4,6 m3/h (20 SU GPM)

Filtration: water separator filter

Meter: mechanical meter

Autonomy: 2 hours – 9 000L

Options: large range of options available

More information: https://titan-aviation.fr/en/products/commercial-line/electric-line/electric-refuelling-trailer-3000-l/