ENGINE OFF - Electrification kit for aircraft refuellers


TITAN AVIATION offers a modular solution for existing or new aircraft refuellers, to convert your refueller to ‘Engine Off’ battery powered refuelling operations. The EZ FLOW® technology is a retro-fit  electric solution to reduce your carbon foot print and deliver an improved refueling environment. This electric fuelling module could be installed on any aircraft refueller, any brand, to give you all the advantages of electric refuelling without buying a new vehicle.

TITAN AVIATION has developed two electrification kits: the first one includes the complete module, with the new EZ CONTROL® interface, and the second solution is a plug and play kit..

The installation of an electric motor for fuelling pump, powered by the latest safe battery technology, will improve your carbon footprint during refuelling operation, an engine-off refuelling solution. It is a sustainable solution to update your vehicle, improve your performance, and reduce maintenance requirements with fewer hydraulic systems. The retrofit operation is fast and efficient with minimal out-of-service time. The electrification kit can be installed during a complete refurbished operation or directly on site, in a short time.

With this eco-friendly solution, your aircraft refueller will have a second life, zero emission refuelling, and will improve your operator comfort with silent operations. This proven technology is a reduced investment cost solution to improve your ecological impact quickly.

Pumping capacity – without recharging: at least 90KL

Recharging time: 5h with fast charger

Flow rate: up to 55m3/h

Batteries: modular batteries, easy-to-maintain and fail safe – 400V – 30KW

Battery lifetime: at least 8 years

More information: https://titan-aviation.fr/en/products/commercial-line/electric-line/electrification-kits/