Rigid aircraft refuellers


TITAN AVIATION rigid aircraft refuellers are available from 3 000L to 38 000L, to our standard specification or to yours, with a host of features and benefits, to refuel private  or large commercial jets, on civil and military airports. Our rigid aircraft refuellers meet the latest norms and standards such as JIG with high performance, ultimate reliability and best in class build quality.

Rigid refuelling vehicles can be equipped with underwing and overwing refuelling lines, from 200l/m to 2500l/m and with high lift platforms if required.

TITAN’s latest 2.0 fuelling module can be selected for easy maintenance and operation and includes the digital assistant for refuelling EZ CONTROL®, developed by TITAN AVIATION, easy and intuitive to use and packed with features such as refueling diagnostics, reporting functions and even operator tutorials for ensuring best and safe practices.

The latest innovation of TITAN AVIATION is the EZ FLOW® technology and is available for all aircraft refuellers. With this engine-off solution, the refuelling operation becomes more environmentally friendly offering a reduced carbon footprint – it’s quiet running, with zero exhaust emissions during refuelling, offering a better environment for both the operator and customer. TITAN are leading the ‘Electric Revolution’!

TITAN AVIATION can also offer refurbished solutions for your existing aircraft refuellers, INCLUDING converting your refuelers to ‘engine off’ refuelling – contact us for details.

Tank capacity: from 3 000 L to 38 000 L

Distribution: Overwing & underwing lines, from 12 m3/h (50 US GPM) to 150 m3/h (660 US GPM)

Filtration: Water Separator Filter

Meter: Meter with electronic readout

Chassis: 4×2, 4×4, 6 x4  or 8×4 most brands

Design: Standard or low profile

Platform: lifting deck available for 18 000 L & 38 000 L aircraft refueller

Options: large range of options available

More information: https://titan-aviation.fr/en/products/commercial-line/rigid-aircraft-refuellers/refueller-20-000-l/