Carmen ANPR Cloud


Create an ANPR system within 1 hour

Carmen® ANPR Cloud is a cloud-based software as a service that lets you add a pay-per-use plate recognition function to your system without having to invest in a dedicated server.

It is the perfect solution for those looking for a robust, secure, scalable, and easy-to-manage solution with no capital expenditures (CapEx) involved.

Working with any programming language on any operating system through REST API, it analyzes images sent from a local machine, server, or any web-based URL.

You can use ANPR Cloud with Adaptive Recognition’s or 3rd party ANPR cameras. Alternatively, turn your mobile phone into a plate recognition device with the Carmen® Mobile application, which is powered by ANPR Cloud.

Main benefits

  • Easy integration through REST API
  • No need for a dedicated server and other capital expenditures
  • Only pay for what you need through a wide range of credit packages
  • Access to all regional ANPR engines with a single subscription
  • Automatic access to latest engine updates
  • Free trial available
  • Data security (no data is stored for any length of time)
  • Worldwide coverage

Key features

  • 38,000+ plate types recognized from 160+ countries and 20 regions
  • MMR data included in returned ANPR event packages
  • Data retrieval in JSON
  • Camera-independent software

ANPR Cloud – Cloud API

Cloud-based ANPR/ALPR and vehicle identification API for any intelligent traffic systems, security and any access control environments.

Supported operating systems
Any (TCP/IP connection based API)

Supported platforms
any with network layer

Minimum system requirements
TCP/IP connection, 4G bandwith

Still image (BMP | PNG | JPEG | JPEG2K | RAW)
Up to 10MB
Suggested image due to minimizing network traffic: up to 200kbyte compressed type containng vehicle and LP

Output Data JSON Dataformat
License plate number
Country of origin
Confidence level in percentage
Confidence levels for each character
Time stamp
Make (brand) of vehicle
Model of vehicle
Colour of vehicle

Output Formats
JSON dataformat

Development tools

Supported programming languages under Windows
Any programming language which has REST API support
html, javascript, php, ruby, java, python, c# etc

Supported programming languages under Linux
Same as for Windows

In the box
Access to Development Portal
API key, free trial, sample codes, Java SDK
Subsciption through AWS Marketplace and Stripe (tbd)

Available tools
Development Portal: Demo page

Engine update availability
Quaterly updates by Adaptive Recognition

SaaS, pay as you go packages on AWS Marketplace, Stripe (tbd)

Available versions
Free trial: 200 requests / month
From 10k up to 1280k / month requests packages

engine updates, bug fixes, version control, availability mgmt Done by Adaptive Recogntion