Carmen® Dangerous Goods Signs Software Library


Complement ANPR with hazmat recognition

“The Carmen® Dangerous Goods Signs software recognizes ADR codes and Hazard Identification Numbers (HIN) of vehicles carrying hazardous materials with exceptional accuracy (near 0 false positive rates). It also recognizes IMDG codes issued by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), found on containers and trailers.

The software processes the top (Kemler code) and the bottom row (substance ID) of the orange ADR signs. It indicates primary and secondary hazards, enabling emergency responders to get critical information about potential dangers quickly. Empty codes standing for multiple dangerous goods are also recognized.

Recognition of such codes increases safety on roads, bridges, tunnels, and wherever hazardous materials are transported.

Main benefits

  • Fast and reliable code reading
  • Scalability to projects of any size
  • Global coverage of hazmat symbols
  • Camera-independence
  • Easy integration via API
  • Flexibility to suit independent project needs

Key features

  • Support of ADR, E-ADR, HIN, KEMLER, and IMO codes
  • Works with Carmen® ANPR
  • Confidence and code coordinates included in results
  • Runtime code filtering to reduce false reading
  • ASCII and Unicode output formats
  • Supports Linux and Windows operating systems

General information

Purpose -Automatic recognition of hazard identification numbers – HIN/Kemler code recognition software for various intelligent traffic systems to enhance safety of traffic and roads

Supported Operating Systems- Windows (32/64 bit), Linux (32/64 bit)

Supported Platforms –  x86_32 | x86_64 | ARMv7 Cortex A8 and above | PPC

Minimum System Requirements- 1 GHz CPU | 512 MB RAM | 1 GB HDD | free slot for NNC

Licensing- One license per application thread, multiple license/controller is available. One year from purchase included, optional subscription available on yearly basis

Available Neural Controllers –
USB 2.0 dongle – type A
USB internal 4-pin
PCIe card (X1)
Mini-PCIe card

Input – Still image from file or memory in various image formats ( BMP | PNG | JPEG | JPEG2K | RAW )
Live analogue video input (PAL or NTSC)
Live digital camera input

Output – ADR data
Hazard identification number in ASCII text
Position of the plate
Confidence level in percentage
Confidence level for each character
List of further suggestions for each character
Individual result for each image

Color of plate (optional)

Location of each plate on one image

Trigger – Can be integrated with any trigger device (recommended when recognizing from live video stream)

Software motion detection module is included

Development tools for easy integration

Supported programming languages under Windows –
C/C++, C#
Visual Basic .NET

Supported programming languages under Linux –
C/C++, Java

In The Box –
Development libraries: .dll, .so files
Demo application, sample codes for each programming language
Neural network controller
Comprehensive digital documentation