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  • SmartControl - Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring System

    Airfield Lighting control systems allow for the operators to control and monitor the various ground lighting applications in use at an airport. The services that can be controlled, and monitored include, runway applications, approach lighting, taxiway …
  • Aviation Gasoline B -91/115

    B- 91/115 aviation’s gasoline fuels helicopters and aircrafts with air cooled radial engines. The ‘B’ marking in the label indicates fuel purposed for aviation, ‘91’ is octane number, ‘115’ is the fuel’s performance number. Octane number is …
  • AMHS Web Terminal

    Purpose AMHS WEB terminal – is a software application designed to handle the exchange of ATS (Air Traffic Services) messages via the Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS) network. The application operates on the with ICAO SARPs …
  • AirportGateway®

    AirportGateway is the perfect solution for any airport looking to streamline, manage and automate airport ID pass applications, increase compliance, reduce insider threat and improve security for both staff and passengers. Our globally recognised solution allows …
  • Unified Passenger Information System

    Simpleway’s Unified Passenger Information System works as an integration platform that provides easy content management for operators and administrators as well as real-time data to passengers via audio messages, LCD Displays, LED panels, information booths, …
  • Thales Gemalto Intelligent Double-sided ID Card Reader CR5400i & Cradle

    Identity & Biometric Solutions Product Use With built-in high-performance processing and networking the Thales Gemalto Intelligent Double-sided ID Card Reader CR5400i inspects and images credit card sized identity documents (85 x 54mm) in the cloud and virtual …
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